The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century

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Camden Society, 1876 - Great Britain - 279 pages

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Page 161 - And men myght goo thoroughe owte a strete or thoroughe a hoole parysche or that he myght chonge hit. And sum men sayd that the newe golde was not soo good as the olde golde was, for it was alayyd.
Page 160 - Ingelonde, hyt wolde have causyd moche sory sorowe, for he had ordaynyd barneys and ordenance i-nowe, but the men wolde not go one fote with hym tylle they had mony. And they waytyd dayly and howrely for mony that thys Taylebosse shulde have send unto hem or brought hyt ; the summa was iij M1 marke. And the lordys mayny of Montegewe were sore hurte and seke, and many of hys men wer slayne by for in the grete jornays, but thys mony was departyd a-monge hem, and was a very holsum salfe for hem. And...
Page 156 - J and of othyr delycatys i-nowe, that alle the howse mervelyd howe welle alle tynge was done in soo schorte a tyme, and prayde alle men to be mery and gladde, hit shulde be a mendyd a nothyr tyme. Thenn the offesers of the feste, fulle evylle a schamyd, informyd the maysters of the feste of thys mysse happe that ys be-falle. And they, consyderynge the grete dygnyte and costys and charge that longgyd unto the cytte...
Page vii - But whenne thys were3 ys at an ende, And he have lyffe and space he wyll hit amende. This in its turn was utilized, partly in its original form and partly in summary, by the compiler of the prose chronicle known as the Brut, which indeed may be largely based on such material. It makes a similar use of a rather vigorous piece on the siege of Calais in 1436. But all this is of course...
Page 170 - Parlement that hyt shulde be put in excecussyon, and thys was proclaymyd at Poulys Crosse. And sum men sayd that they wolde were longe pykys whethyr Pope wylle or nylle, for they sayde the Popys curse wolde not kylle a flye.
Page 133 - Rome with grcte pardon, for that pardon was the grettyste pardon that evyr come to Inglonde from the Conqueste unto thys tyme of my yere, beyng Mayre of London, for hyt was plenar indulgens.
Page 145 - Lundon, for they knewe welle that alle the workyngys that were done growe by hyr, for she was more wyttyer then the kynge, and that apperythe by hys dedys, &c.
Page 156 - London he ys next unto the kyng in alle maner thynge. And in tyme of waschynge the Erie of Worseter was take be-fore the mayre and sette downe in the myddys of the hy tabylle. And the mayre seynge that hys place was occupyd hylde hym contente, and went home...
Page 18 - And he ys kyng excellent, And unto non othyr obedyent, That levythe here in erthe be ryght, But only unto God almyght, With-yn hys owne Emperoure, And also kyng and conqueroure.