The Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland: ...preserved at Belvoir Castle...

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Page vi - ENGLAND. House of Lords; Oxford and Cambridge Colleges ; Dean and Chapter of Canterbury ; Rye, Lydd, and other Corporations, Duke of Sutherland, Marquis of Lansdowne, Reginald Cholmondeley, Esq., &c.
Page viii - Hamilton. ,, [C.5060 v.] 1 6 1888 (7.) APPENDIX AND INDEX Duke of Leeds, Marchioness of Waterford, Lord Hothfield, Ac.; Bridgwater Trust Office, Reading Corporation, Inner Temple Library.
Page iii - The Commissioners think it probable that you may feel an interest in this object, and be willing to assist in the attainment of it ; and with that view they desire to lay before you an outline of the course which they usually follow. If any nobleman or gentleman express his willingness to submit any...
Page iii - Commissioners any unprinted book, or collection of documents in his possession or custody, they will cause an inspection to be made by some competent person, and should the MSS. appear to come within the scope of their enquiry, the owner will be asked to consent to the publication of copies or abstracts of them in the reports of the Commission, which are presented to Parliament every Session. To avoid any possible apprehension that the examination of papers by the Commissioners may extend to title-deeds...
Page x - III. )) [C.8156] 1 5 1897 (2.) APPENDIX. J. Eliot Hodgkin, Esq., of Richmond, Surrey. |) [C.8327] 1 8 1897 (3.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. Charles Haliday, Esq., of Dublin ; Acts of the Privy Council in Ireland, 1556-1571 ; Sir William Ussher's Table to the Council Book ; Table to the Red Council Book. ,t [C.8364] 1 4 1897 (4.) APPENDIX. The Duke of Portland. Vol. IV.
Page iv - In practice it has been found more satisfactory, when the collection of manuscripts is a large one, for the inspector to make a selection therefrom at the place of deposit and to obtain the owner's consent to remove the selected papers to the Public Record Office in London or in Dublin, or to the General Register House in Edinburgh, where they can be more fully dealt with, and where they...
Page v - EXTANT WHICH WOULD BE OF UTILITY IN THE ILLUSTRATION OF HISTORY, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, SCIENCE, AND GENERAL LITERATURE. Date. 1870 (Reprinted 1874.) 1871 1872 (Reprinted 1895.) 1873 FIRST REPORT, WITH APPENDIX Contents :- ENGLAND. House of Lords ; Cambridge Colleges ; Abingdon and other Corporations, Ac. SCOTLAND. Advocates' Library, Glasgow Corporation, Ac.
Page iii - Her Sign Manual certain Commissioners to ascertain what unpublished MSS. are extant in the collections of private persons and in institutions which are calculated to throw light upon subjects connected with the civil, ecclesiastical, literary, or scientific history of this country.
Page x - Price. 1895 (8.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds, Hertford, and Great Grimsby Corporations ; The Dean and Chapter of Worcester, and of Lichfield ; The Bishop's Registry of Worcester. 8vo. [C.7881] *. d. 1 5 1896 (9.) APPENDIX AND INDEX.
Page ix - ER Wodehouse, MP, J. Dovaston, Esqs., Sir TB Lennard, Bart., Rev. WD Macray, and Earl of Dartmouth (Supplementary 1892 (5.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. House of Lords, 1690-1691 ' Report). .. [C.6822] 2 4 1893