Gleanings from the Municipal and Cathedral Records Relative to the History of the City of Exeter

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James Townsend, 1877 - Exeter (England) - 208 pages

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Page 36 - Whereunto they gave answer in the presence of the said abbot and convent, and of many other, that, without any manner of constraint, they would come unto us of their free wills, in trust of our grace and pardon aforesaid. And so, the said Perkin came unto us to the town of Taunton, from whence he fled ; and immediately after his first coming, humbly submitting himself...
Page 37 - ... Perkin's wife is in good surety for us, and trust that she shall shortly come unto us, to this our city of Exeter, as she is minded.
Page 36 - Trusty and well-beloved, we greet you well. And whereas Perkin War-beck, lately accompanied with divers and many of our rebels of Cornwall, advanced themselves to our city of Exeter, which was denied unto them, and so they came to the town of Taunton, at which town, as soon as they had knowledge that our chamberlain...
Page 201 - Parliament made for the abolishing of Archbishops and Bishops, and for the abolishing of Deans, Deans and Chapters, Canons, Prebends, and other offices and titles of, or belonging to any Cathedral, or Collegiate Church or Chapel...
Page 182 - Monk can have no malice in his heart against me, nor hath done anything against me which I cannot easily pardon : and it is in his power to do me so great service, that I cannot easily reward; but I will do all I can...
Page 37 - We write this news unto you, for we be undoubtedly sure, that calling to mind the great abusion that divers folks have been in, by reason of the said Perkin, and the great business and charges that we and our realm have been put unto in that behalf, you would be glad to hear the certainty of the same, which we affirm unto you for assured truth. Sithence the writing of these premises, we be ascertained that Perkin's wife is in good surety for us, and trust that she shall shortly come unto us to this...
Page 140 - St. Margaret's Churchyard on the same day, the emotion would, in strict arithmetical truth, be small in comparison ! We know it not, this atrocity of the English Regicides ; shall never know it. I reckon it perhaps the most daring action any Body of Men to be met with in History ever, with clear consciousness, deliberately set themselves to do.
Page 37 - ... shirts, the foremost of them having halters about their necks, and full humbly with lamentable cries for our grace and remission, submit themselves unto us; whereupon, doing, first, the chief stirrers and misdoers to be tried out of them, for to abide their corrections according, we grant to the residue our said grace and pardon. And our commissioners, the Earl of Devon, our chamberlain, and our steward of household, have done and do daily in likewise in our county of Cornwall.
Page 33 - By its completion the king acquired an exact knowledge of the possessions of the crown. It afforded him the names of the landholders. It furnished him with the means of ascertaining the military strength of the country; and it pointed out the possibility of increasing the revenue in some cases, and of lessening the demands of the tax-collectors in others. It was moreover a register of appeal for those whose titles to their property might be disputed.

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