Cartularium abbathiae de Whiteby, Ordinis s. Benedicti: fundatae anno MLXXVIII.

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Society, 1881 - Cartularies - 839 pages
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Page 393 - A suit was commenced concerning the lands intended to be conveyed, and when the writ was sued out and the parties appeared in Court, a composition of the suit was entered into with the consent of the Judges, whereby the Lands in question were acknowledged to be the right of one of the contending parties. This agreement, being reduced into writing, was enrolled among the Records of the Court, where it was preserved by the public officer, by which means it was not so liable to be lost or defaced as...
Page 461 - Tenure in socage is where the tenant holdeth of his lord the tenancy by certain service for all manner of services, so that the service be not knight's service. As where a man holdeth his land of his lord by fealty and certain rent, for all manner of services...
Page 693 - Henry Percy, the son of Sir Henry Percy, that was slayne at Shrewesbery, and of Elizabeth, the daughter of the Erie of Marche, after the death of his Father and Grauntsyre, was exiled into Scotland* in the time of king Henry the Fourth: but in the time of king Henry the Fifth, by the labour of Johanne the countcs of Westmerland, (whose Daughter Alianor he had wedded in coming into England,) he recovered the King's grace, and the countye of Northumberland, so was the second Erie of Northumberland.
Page 393 - DOLXXVII. p. 375. manner in which livery of seisin was formerly given, yet still it may be supposed that inconveniences would frequently arise either from the loss of the charter itself or from the difficulty of proving it after a lapse of years. These circumstances probably induced men...
Page 676 - ... legitime revocare procures, contradictores per censuram ecclesiasticam appellatione postposita compescendo, testes autem, qui fuerint nominati, si se gratia. odio vel timore subtraxerint, censura simili appellatione cessante compellas veritati testimonium perhibere.
Page 393 - Experience must soon have discovered that no title could be so secure and notorious as that which had been questioned by an adverse party and ratified by the determination of a court of justice ; and the ingenuity of mankind soon found out the method of drawing the same advantages from a fictitious process. To effect this purpose the following plan was adopted ; a suit was commenced concerning the lands...
Page 458 - Tenure by petit serjeanty is, where a man holds his land of our sovereign lord the king to yield to him .yearly a bow, or a sword, or a dagger, or a knife, or a lance, or a pair of gloves of mail, or a pair of gilt spurs, or an arrow, or divers arrows, or to yield such other small things belonging to war.
Page 512 - Quoties aliqua praecipua agenda sunt in monasterio, convocet abbas omnem congregationem et dicat ipse, unde agitur. Et audiens consilium fratrum tractet apud se, et quod utilius iudieaverit, faciat.
Page 477 - Licet de communi consilio regni nostri statutum sit quod non liceat viris religiosis, seu aliis, ingredi feodum alicujus, ita quod ad manum mortuam deveniat, sine...
Page 563 - Ital. Diet. Harrison, in his description of England, speaking of the mode of making brawn, says, " it is made commonlie of the fore part of a tame bore, set vp for the purpose by the space of a whole yere or two, especiallie in gentlemen's houses (for the husband men and farmers neuer franke them for their owne vse aboue three or foure moneths), in which time he is dieted with otes and peason,

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