A General Introduction to Domesday Book: Accompanied by Indexes of the Tenants-in-chief, and Under-tenants, at the Time of the Survey: as Well as of the Holders of Lands Mentioned in Domesday Anterior to the Formation of that Record: with an Abstract of the Population of England at the Close of the Region of William the Conqueror, So Far as the Same is Actually Entered. Illustrated by Numerous Notes and Comments, Volume 2

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G. Eyre & A. Spottiswoode, 1833 - Agriculture
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Page 54 - K'ele li uolt desheriter, Pris fu a haneleye a son maner, Le ior ke Saint Wlstan li ber Sa chapele auoit dedie ; A Wyncestre fu amene, Ilokes morut en prison Brictrich Mau par treison ; Qant il fu mort senz heir de sei Son heritage seisit le Rei, E cum escheit tint en sa main Dekes il feoffa Rob't fiz haim : Ki oueke lui de Normandie Vint od m'lt grant cheualerie La t're ke Brictrich li leissa Franchment a Robert dona.
Page 214 - Morkar to Ely by ship; but Earl Edwin was treacherously slain by his own men. Then came Bishop Aylwine, and Siward Barn, and many hundred men with them, into Ely. When King William heard that, then ordered he out a naval force and land force, and beset the land all about, and wrought a bridge, and went in; and the naval force at the same time on the sea-side. And the outlaws then all surrendered; that was, Bishop Aylwine, and Earl Morkar, and all that were with them; except Hereward94 alone, and...
Page 424 - Ad hsec in. acras precum, et duas de herbagio. Si plus indigeat herbagio, arabit proinde sicut ei permittatur. De aratura gabli sui arabit in. acras, et seminabit de horreo suo et dabit suum...
Page 418 - In some counties we have no mention of a single priest, even where churches are found ; and scarcely any inmate of a monastery is recorded beyond the abbot or abbess, who stands as a tenant in capite. These remarks might be extended, but they are sufficient for their purpose. They show that, in this point of view, the Domesday Survey is but a partial register. It was not intended to be a record of population further than was required for ascertaining the geld.
Page 345 - This year went Earl Sweyne into Wales; and Griffin, king of the northern men with him ; and hostages were delivered to him. As he returned homeward, he ordered the Abbess of Leominster to be fetched him; and he had her as long as he list, after which he let her go home.
Page 446 - Being addressed to jEthelwig, the writ, of course, must be previous to his death in 1077, but I think that we can date it, perhaps, with precision, and that it belongs to the year 1072. In that year, says the Ely chronicler...
Page 214 - And the king took their ships, and weapons, and many treasures2; and all the men he disposed of as he thought proper. Bishop Aylwine he sent to Abingdon, where he died in the beginning of the winter3. AD 1072. This year king William led a naval force and a land force to Scotland, and beset that land on the seaside with ships, whilst he led his landforce in at the Tweed4; but he found nothing there of any value. King Malcolm...
Page 451 - Gafolswane, id est, ad censum porcario, pertinet, ut suam occisionem det secundum quod in patria statutum est. In multis locis stat, ut det singulis annis xv. porcos ad occisionem, x. veteres et v. juvenes ; ipse autem habeat super-augmentum "), though the exact time of killing the swine is not stated in any Rectitude of the Anglo-Saxon period.
Page 216 - Siwardus dives homo de Scropscyre, et Osbernus filius Ricardi, et Turchil de Warewiescyre, et multi alii seniores et nobiles, quorum major pars jam dormiunt. Multi autem adhuc superstites sunt, qui illos audierunt, et adhuc multi de tempore regis Willclmi idem testificantes.

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