Borough Customs, Volume 2

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Mary Bateson
B. Quaritch, 1906 - Boroughs
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Page 241 - ... election shall take place by ballot as follows : every member of the Society present at the Meeting shall be entitled to vote by writing the names of not more than five of the candidates on a piece of paper and delivering it to the Secretary or his Deputy, at such meeting, and the five candidates who shall have a majority of votes shall be declared elected. In case of equality the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a second or casting vote. The vacancy in the office of President or Vice-President...
Page 229 - ... raising of rents ; the tenure of land ; the rights of copyholders ; the power of guilds ; and many other matters of legal and social interest. The introduction covers the whole history of the Court to its gradual extinction under the Commonwealth and Restoration.
Page 230 - ... jurisdiction in all affairs between Jews or the Jewish community on the one hand and the Crown or Christians on the other ; namely, in accounts of the revenue, in some criminal matters, in pleas upon contracts and torts between Jews and Christians, and in causes or questions touching their land or goods, or their tallages, fines, and forfeitures. This involved a complete registry of deeds or
Page 227 - PUBLICATIONS. The Volumes already published are Vol. I., for 1887. SELECT PLEAS OF THE CROWN. Vol. I., AD 1200-1225. Edited, from the Rolls preserved in HM Public Record Office, by FW MAITLAND, Downing Professor of the Laws of England, Cambridge. With Facsimile. Crown 410.
Page 240 - Society. 2. The object of the Society shall be to encourage the study and advance the knowledge of the history of English Law, especially by the publication of original documents and the reprinting or editing of works of sufficient rarity or importance.
Page 241 - The Council may make any arrangement for remunerating the Literary Director which they may think reasonable. 11. It shall be the duty of the Literary Director (but always subject to the control of the Council) to supervise the editing of the publications of the Society, to suggest suitable editors, and generally to advise the Council with respect to carrying the objects of the Society into effect. 12. Each member shall be entitled to one copy of every work published by the Society as for any year...
Page 227 - These consist largely of actions relating to land, either directly, as in the various assizes, writs of right and of entry, actions for dower, &c. ; or indirectly, as for feudal services, tolls, franchises, rivers, &c. Others do not concern land. The extracts illustrate the gradual evolution of the different forms of action, both real and personal. Vol. IV., for 1890.
Page 241 - Persons so appointed shall hold office so long as those in whose place they shall be appointed would have held office. The Council shall also have power to appoint Honorary Members of the Society. 9. The Council shall meet at least twice a year, and not less than seven days' notice of any meeting shall be sent by post to every member of the Council. 10. There shall be a Literary Director to be appointed and removable by the Council. The Council may make any arrangement for remunerating the Literary...

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