Rotulus Cancellarii, Vel Antigraphum Magni Rotuli Pipæ, de Tertio Anno Regni Regis Johannis

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Page i - They contain the accounts of the King's revenue, year by year, as they were made up with the King's officers appointed to that service by the Sheriffs of the counties, who acted as the King's bailiffs, and by other ministers and debtors of the Crown.
Page i - Reports from the select committee of the house of commons appointed to inquire into the state of the public records of the kingdom, [with analysis of the principal matters referred to in the records, rolls, etc.
Page ii - ... Reign of King William IV. (AD 1833), contains the Roll of Sheriff's Accompts for the Third Year of the Reign of King John, which is an Antigraph or Duplicament of the Great Roll of the Pipe, and is Part of the Series called the Chancellor's Rolls, in contradistinction to the Treasurer's Rolls, which are those now known by the Appellation of the Pipe Rolls, or the Great Rolls of the Pipe. These are the Rolls which are usually meant whenever Reference is made to the Rotuli Annales of the Exchequer....
Page xii - Bundle is composed of a number of smaller Rolls, stitched together along the head, and...
Page 64 - Et de .LVIII. îi. de cremto de Sourebi 7 Carleton fco p . G. fit Pet' p instaur qd
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Page ii - The two which have not been found are of the 1st of Henry III. and the 7th of Henry IV.
Page xiv - ... occupare nituntur vobis mandamus rogantes quatinus si quos sibi resistentes invenerit quominus pacifica gaudeat possessione ieos tanquam excommunicatos nostros secundum consuetudinem regni laicali potestate coherceri faciatis.

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