Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volume 3

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Page 386 - A shield of arms, couche, quarterly i and 4 France ; 2 and 3 England : over all in chief a label of three points ermine ; crest on a helmet and short mantling diapered, on a chapeau a lion statant guardant, crowned, charged on the neck with a label of three points ermine, the tail hanging down ; supporters, two falcons, each standing on a padlock and essaying to open the same : the background replenished with sprigs of foliage : — within a carved Gothic quatrefoil, ornamented along the inner edge...
Page 318 - blotted out. 80 yeares since." Between the chancel and this yle another monument, more costly, arched over, of white stone too, the statue of a knight, armes, and a ruffe, and gathered breeches, and a lady by him ; these two coates often carved : POULET. Quarterly, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters a fret, over all a fess [NORREYS]. The statues of four sons : Joh'es P. films et heres ; Amos [sc. Amias] P. filius 2d"9 ; Henr. P. filius 3 ; Tho. P. f. 4, obijt 14 July, 1611. Phillipus P. f. quintus.
Page 386 - ... to Ad. Ch. 13,910 (Catalogue, No. 12,694) ; one of AD 1380, attached to Harl. Ch. 84, c 17 (Catalogue, No. 23,053). They are described (ibid.) : — " Armorial bearings not on a shield. Per pale dexter, quarterly 1 and 4 Castile ; 2 and 3 Leon ; sinister, quarterly 1 and 4 France (ancient) ; 2 and 3 England, with a label of three points ermine. The first and fourth quarters of each F1r,, (iv.) PRIVY SEALS AND GREAT SEAL OF JOHN OF GAUNT.
Page 557 - Upon a flat stone inlayed with brasse, chancel : A fess between three mullets [PULTON] ; impaling a fess wavy and in chief three piles, also wavy, points meeting in fesse, argent [!SHAM], Here lyeth Elizabeth the daughter of John Isham of Langport in this county of North'ton, Esq. and wife to George Pulton, lord of this towne of D. Esq. she dyed May 12, 1584. This knot carved upon the stayre east up to the rood-loft. Painted also in the church. [A drawing of the...
Page 705 - England, which was incorporated earlv in the sixteenth century, and designed to supersede the Silyard Company of Foreign Merchants, whose exclusive privileges were subsequently withdrawn. These arms are, az. in base a sea with a dolphin's head appearing in the water, all prop. On the sea a ship with three masts in full sail or, the sails and rigging ar. on each sail a cross gu. in the dexter chief point the luce in splendour, and in the sinister chief point an etoile or. On a chief ar. a cross gu....
Page 74 - Gn., a bend between six cross crosslets, fitchee, arg., differenced by a crescent, the mark of cadency of a second son ; the shield encircled by a garter, inscribed with the motto of the order, and ensigned with an earl's coronet. The coat, as above described, is the one known to heralds as
Page 157 - FLAHERTY Argent two lions rampant combatant supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist all gules, in base a boat with eight oars sable. O' FLANAGAN Argent out of a mount in base vert an oak tree proper, a border of the second. Crest: A dexter cubit arm in armour proper garnished or and gules holding a flaming sword azure pommel and hilt of the second. FLEMING Vair a chief chequy or and...
Page 137 - ... Antrim, he had four children : Charles, who died an infant ; George, the witty duke, who succeeded him ; Francis, who fell in the civil wars ; and Mary, afterwards Duchess of Richmond. THE LORD CHAMBERLINE, pp. 22, 23. ARMS. — Per pale az. and gu., three lions rampant, two and one, arg. ; the shield encircled with a garter, inscribed with the motto of the order, and ensigned with the coronet of an earl. William Herbert, third Earl of Pembroke, was the eldest son of Henry Herbert, the second...
Page 400 - I, 4, a fess betw. three lions' faces or leopards' heads, DE LA POLE ; 2, 3, on a bend three pairs of wings conjoined in lure, WINGFIELD.
Page 390 - In a quadrilobe a shield of arms : quarterly i, 4, France, modern ; 2, 3, England ; over all a label of three points, each indistinctly charged ; Henry Prince of Wales. Between two ostrich feathers labelled ; over the shield a swan rising. S'HENRIC'PRINCIPIS WAL'DUC'CORNUB" COMIT'CESTR'DE'OFFICIO COCKETTI DUCATUS CORNUBIE.

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