Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volume 4

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Page 202 - The original matrix of this seal is in lead, in the possession of Mr. George Sim, Writer, Edinburgh, and certainly has the appearance of being old; but from the circumstance that no impression or even fragment cf one has been yet found appended to any document, it may be doubted if it was ever really the seal of the burgh, — it looks more like the attempt of some die-cutter's ingenious apprentice. The very material of the seal is sufficient to raise doubts of its genuineness.
Page 617 - The first is preserved in the museum of the Society of Antiquaries of England, but it is uncertain where it was found. The second was found at Arthur's Seat near Edinburgh, and is now preserved in the museum of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. The third was found in the bed of the Thames, near Vauxhall, and the fourth at Twerton, near Bath. The two last are engraved in the Journal of the Archaeological Association.
Page 569 - Charters. 1241. STUART, ALAN, OF OCHILTREE. Couche. A fess cheque surmounted with a bend, charged with three buckles. Crest on a helmet, a horse's head issuing from a coronet. Supporters : two lions sejant, gardant, coue. " s' ALANI SENESCALLI." — Appended to Obligation by Alan Stuart of Ochiltree, and his son John to Sir Henry Douglas, Knight, regarding the Lands of Longniddry. AD 1377. — Morton Charters. 1242. STUART, JOHN, SON OF THE ABOVE ALAN. This is a fine seal in excellent preservation....
Page 127 - It is a flat circle of about an inch internal diameter, and not quite an inch and a half external diameter. On it is an inscription, " •%
Page 189 - Evangelists, a figure of the Holy Trinity seated on a carved throne. In the lower part, within an arched niche, a representation of Michael the Archangel overcoming the dragon. On either side a winged figure standing on a wheel, as described in the vision of Ezekiel.
Page 692 - s seal is rightly or wrongly attributed to St Edmund may be open to question ; especially so, when it is observed that all the other heraldic bearings therein refer to territorial dominion, and that the King styled himself Dominus...
Page 534 - Duncan, son of Robert, Chief of the Clan, having with great courage and intrepidity apprehended the murderers of James I of Scotland, James II granted to his family for crest, the hand supporting the regal crown, and for motto, "Virtutis, gloria, merces".
Page 674 - Andrew with saltire cross on the r.-h. side. Branches of foliage over their heads. At each side a kind of engrailed design with fleury cusps, and a small quatrefoil in each space. Below, a bishop, with mitre and crozier, kneeling, three-quarters to the 1. h., in adoration. Betw. a masoned wall on the 1. h. and a shield of arms on the r. A unicorn sejant. 8' I • MISGRACIONe • DIVINA S 6PISCOPI • eRGADI€NSIS.
Page 428 - Above the shield, a helmet with mantlings. Crest, above an open coronet of seven points, a lion's head erased. Supporters : two lions rampant. Motto on a ribbon issuing from behind the helmet, " TREU TO YE END." "S' ALXADRI coins HOME Dni JEDBURG ET DUNGLAS.
Page 52 - Andrew, with nimbus and book, standing behind a large saltire cross, betw. figures of St. Peter and St. Paul, each with nimbus, book, and the distinctive emblem attributed to him. In the base, on a long cross, a shield of arms: quarterly, I, 4, a chevron betw.

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