The Great Geysers of California, and how to Reach Them ...

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Bacon, printers, 1877 - Geysers - 53 pages
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Page 63 - FARE, which include meals and s'eeping accommodations, are lower by this than by any other route. Through tickets sold to all the principal places on the coast. Stages and railroads make close connections with steamers for all the principal places in the interior. For further information in regard to Tickets, c.ill at the Ticket Office, 4 NEW MONTGOMERY STREET, Palace Hotel.
Page 10 - ... freshness still upon it. No adulteration mars its native health-giving and tonic properties, and its long and continuous use in the market attests its merit. The same elements are held in solution which give to the Carlsbad Springs in Bohemia their rank as one of the first in the world. PAGODA SPRING. — A beautiful pagoda is built over one of the springs, the solid stone pillars and floor forming a most appropriate setting for the natural stone basin, whence flow the waters which refresh, purify...
Page 21 - Down," and the running gait is changed to a slow trot, when " Way down " is sounded, and the horses come to a dead stop as suddenly as if each one were paralyzed. The next instant, without a movement of the reins, brake, or whip, at the single word " shake,
Page 13 - Built of whitest stone, it reflects clear across Napa Valley, and its windows strike the distant beholder as glittering plates of steel. Circular in form, it towers up to a height of seventyfive feet, surmounted by a glass cupola which reflects for many miles alike the rising and the setting sun. It is one hundred and twenty feet in diameter, and is an attractive work of mechanic art.
Page 10 - Sitting in one of the huge rustic rockers shaded by the roof of the Pagoda, none but a stoic could gaze upon the natural loveliness surrounding, without growing enthusiastic. Within easy reach are growing orange trees, loaded with golden fruit, through the...
Page 39 - A rustic seat extends along the trunk of a fine laurel tree, which grows horizontally out from the mother trunk about three feet from the ground. The body being hollow for some distance, the aperture is used as a "postoffice," and is filled with cards, notes, etc., left by tourists.
Page 33 - The rocks rise abruptly thirty or forty feet high, and are seamed with white, red, green, and black stripes blending together at intervals...
Page 21 - The mines proved profitless in the main, and her disappointed population fled, leaving their dwellings and shops to the undisputed occupancy of rats and birds. For two miles, we continue to ascend the mountains toward the famous " Hog's Back " road, which we do not travel, however ; but the extent and magnificence of the lower world increases with...
Page 21 - Shake — shake one," and before the last word dies away the horses are flying along at a run : the next instant he says in a gentle tone,
Page 33 - Spring," the waters — clear and cool — flowing from a pure white basin formed by the minerals gradually deposited there. We travel on but a few yards, crossing and recrossing the. ravine, however, when we enter the "DEVIL'S KITCHEN...

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