Art of Love: Nearly 100 Sex Positions and Wealth of Illustrated Material from Foreplay to Anatomy

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MobileReference, Jan 1, 2007 - Health & Fitness
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The Art of Love features nearly 100 sex positions and wealth of illustrated material from foreplay to anatomy. Whether you are a novice to the art of love or an experienced lover this book will indulge your senses. Audience: Whether you are a novice to the art of love or an experienced lover this collection will indulge your senses. FEATURES: -Fully illustrated -Detailed description on positions, history and etymology. -Guide to foreplay with anatomical diagrams -Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. -Always have the guide available for a quick reference. -Search for the words or phrases -Navigate from Table of Contents or read page by page TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreplay: Sexual arousal * Kissing * Erogenous zones * Outercourse * Kama Sutra * Striptease * Eroticism * Nudity * Male Anatomy * Female Anatomy * Birth Control * Sexual slang Missionary positions: Missionary * Side entry missionary * Squashing of the deckchair * Peace Sign * Butterfly position * Coital alignment technique * The stopperage * The Yawning Position * Octopus Position From behind positions: Doggy * Leapfrog * Froggy * Upright doggy * Spread-eagle * Spoons position * Reverse peace sign * Inverted Missionary * Camel Ride/Camel-Style Woman on top positions: Cowgirl sex position/Amazon position * Reverse Cowgirl/Reverse Amazon * Italian chandelier * Reverse Cowgirl Horizontal * Asian Cowgirl * Horizontal reverse Sitting and kneeling positions: Watching the game * Armchair * Black bee * Furniture * Persuading of the debtor * Playing of the cello * Proposal * Split level Standing positions: Reverse piggy-back * Stand and carry * Standing * Wheelbarrow * High Heels * Harvey Wallbanger Positions during pregnancy: Missionary with caution * Spoon * Leapfrog * Cowgirl * Spread-eagle * Camel Ride * T-square * Positions to promote conception Less common positions: Cross * NASCAR * Head to toe * Rocking chair * K position * T-square * Drilling for Oil Acrobatic skill / extreme flexibility positions: Advanced black bee * Toilet position * Helicopter fuck * Sorority fuck * Wheelbarrow doggy fuck * Fettucini alfredo Oral sex - Cunnilingus: The Bend Over Blom * Muffdiving position * Buried in muff Oral sex - Fellatio: Face missionary or Missionary face intercourse * The Glory Hole * Head-against-the-wall * Head back or Upsidedown face * Hanging for head * "On your back, Jack" * "On your knees (please)" * Sitting down to eat * Standard face * Back handspring meets fellatio Simultaneous oral sex: 69 * Piledriver or Standing 69 * 96 Anal sex positions: Rimming * Pick-up * Lean Back and Let Her/Him Ride Masturbation: The Bend Over Blom * Fingering * Fisting

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