Liberal Christianity: Its Origin, Nature, and Mission

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G.P. Putnam, 1903 - Liberalism (Religion) - 205 pages

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Page 208 - A Series of Translations by which the best results of recent Theological Investigations on the Continent, conducted without reference to doctrinal considerations, and with the sole purpose of arriving at the truth, are placed within reach of English readers.
Page 207 - Germany, is by this time well known, and that its merits are recognised — its fresh and vivid descriptions, its breadth of view and skilful selection of points, its frankness, its genuine enthusiasm, its persistent effort to get at the living realities of religion.
Page 207 - The book is a great book, and cannot fail to exercise a deep and wide influence. It exhibits an originality and insight, a mastery of the history of ideas, a power of lucid and often glowing expression, — the whole suffused with the deepest piety, — a combination of qualities as splendid as it is rare.
Page 207 - VI. FAITH AND MORALS. By W. Herrmann, Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Marburg ; Author of ' ' The Communion of the Christian with God.
Page 206 - ... the subject of this work is exercising men's minds throughout the country, this contribution by the well-known Strassburg professor — critical, yet perfectly reverent in treatment — should be welcomed by all. m.— MY STRUGGLE FOR LIGHT Confessions of a Preacher. By R. Wimmer. 12°. Net, $1.25. Originally educated in a conservative school of theology, the author gradually progressed to more liberal ideas. In this book he describes the struggle through which he passed when endeavoring to reconcile...
Page 206 - Testament, and clearly state the conclusions of European scholarship as to the compilation of the Pentateuch from many different sources, and as to its dependence on Babylonian myths for large portions of its primeval history. "This interestingly illustrated and well-made version of the Lectures should satisfy both scholars and general readers, though no doubt scholars will know best how to appreciate the high value of its arguments." — Scotsman. " It is written in an interesting and arresting...
Page 207 - The Communion of the Christian with God." Crown 8vo, cloth. $s. Two of the author's shorter writings, with brief notes by the translators. One is on Ritschl, and discusses the Protestant notion of Christian Belief; the other on Romanist versus Protestant Ethics, showing the fundamentally opposite conceptions of the moral law underlying recent Jesuit and Protestant views of truth-speaking or of conscience. An Appendix written for the last German edition deals with three replies. Vol. VII. EARLY HEBREW...
Page 206 - Vol. II.— The Virgin Birth of Christ. An Historical and Critical Essay. By Paul Lobstein. 2s. 6d. net. Vol. III. — My Struggle for Light. Confessions of a Preacher. By R. Wimmer. 3s. net. Vol. IV.— Liberal Christianity.
Page 121 - And if any number of heavenly spirits, were to leave their habitations in the light of God, and be for a while united to human bodies, they would certainly tend towards God in all their actions, and be as heavenly as they could, in a state of flesh and blood. They would• certainly act in this manner...
Page 207 - Bailey Saunders. With a Special Preface to the English Edition by the Author. " Seldom has a treatise of the sort been at once so suggestive and so stimulating. Seldom have the results of so much learning been brought to bear on the religious problems which address themselves to the modern mind.

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