Fats Waller

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Schirmer Books, 1977 - 235 עמודים
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Here is the intimate, behind-the-scenes story - told by his son - of the legendary jazz man Thomas "Fats" Waller. It's as lively as Fats himself, a musical wizard who was famous for his reckless energy, bottomless capacity for food and drink, and prodigious talents as composer, entertainer, and piano stylist. Fats's story is the story of the Harlem rent parties where jazz flourished in the Twenties, of Tin Pan Alley, "race records," a stormy marriage, some outrageous adventures - including a hair-raising encounter with Al Capone - the desperate years of selling songs for the price of a drink, the countless jazz clubs and one-night stands, and the sweet rise to the top.

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Fats and the Music Publishers
Fats Becomes a Recording Regular for RCA
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