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Sida 53 - ... by the name Bedd Gelhart (the grave of Killhart), in Caernarvonshire. From this incident is derived a very common Welsh proverb : ' I repent as much as the man who slew his greyhound.
Sida 9 - Bakhtyar-nameh, ou le Favori de la fortune , conte traduit du persan par M. Lescallier. Paris, 1805, in-8°.
Sida 53 - ... the greyhound had killed the child, he immediately drew his sword and slew him, but on turning up the cradle he found under it the child alive, and the wolf dead.
Sida 14 - ... of Roman literature. This surmise respecting the real origin of Modius's version is partly borne out by the fact that Petrus Faber of old accused Modius of plagiarism, on the ground, probably, of his having passed off as his own a work obtained from other sources. Thus much is at least certain, as we learn from Erhard, 1. c. that two MSS. of the
Sida 14 - PS Instead of saying there are only two editions of the " Ludus," I ought rather to have said that there are three. For the " Historia Calumniae Novercalis," is evidently an older representation of the
Sida 41 - Künste zu lernen, und wie derselbe hernach durch Untreu seiner Stiefmutter siebenmal zum Galgen geführt, aber allezeit durch schöne Gleichnisse der sieben Meister vom Tode errettet, und 35 ein gewaltiger Meister zu Rom ward.
Sida 56 - Bretons; publiées, d'apres les manuserits de Londres , par Francisque Michel et Thomas Wright. Parisiis , e typographia Firmin Didot fratrum, via jacobea, n° 56. anno 1837. gr. 8°. Einen ähnlichen zug enthält Capgrave's erzählung von Brandan s. la li-gende latine de s.
Sida 62 - ... ce lui sembla sa femme, mais croire ne l'osa. Et sur ce, se partit et vint trouver sa femme à son...
Sida 53 - Wales that a wolf had entered the house of Prince Llywelyn. Soon after, the prince returned home, and going into the nursery, he met his dog Killhart all bloody and wagging his tail at him. Prince Llywelyn, on entering the room, found the cradle where his child lay overturned and the floor...
Sida 14 - ... Goldast. Where those MSS. are now to be found, is more than I can tell. Should they be still in existence and compared with the version of Modius, they will most probably confirm the suspicion stated above; for it is almost impossible to believe that the incidents detailed in the story of...

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