Fifty Years' Experience of Pianoforte Teaching and Playing

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Bosworth & Company, 1907 - Piano - 72 pages

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Page 63 - I then took my stand with the score at a separate music desk in front of the orchestra, drew my directing baton from my coat pocket and gave the signal to begin. Quite alarmed at such a novel procedure, some of the directors would have protested against it; but when I besought them to grant me at least one trial, they became pacified.
Page 8 - One writer informed the public that he was 'a desperate charlatan endowed with worldly skill and vigorous purpose enough to persuade a gaping crowd that the nauseous compound he manufactures has some precious inner virtue which they must live and ponder yet ere they perceive.
Page 8 - Future,' was born to feed spiders with flies, not to make happy the heart of man with beautiful melody and harmony. What is music to him or he to music ? His rude attacks on absolute melody may be symbolized as matricide.
Page 63 - The triumph of the baton as a timegiver was decisive, and no one was seen any more seated at the piano during the performance of symphonies and overtures.
Page 8 - It has no more real pretension to be called music than the jangling and clashing of gongs and other uneuphonious instruments with which the Chinamen, on the brow of a hill, fondly thought to scare away our English blue-jackets.
Page 8 - Tannhauser ' is one of the most curious pieces of patchwork ever passed off by self-delusion for a complete and significant creation. The instrumentation is ill-balanced, ineffective, thin and noisy.
Page 21 - ... of the moment they are on the point of bursting upon you. He says : ' Thalberg deceives you by brilliant hand and finger work in order to pass off his weak thoughts, and it is an interesting question to see how long the world will be pleased to put up with such mechanical music.
Page 38 - Universities, for all examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music, and for the examinations of the Royal Drawing Society.
Page 21 - Mendelssohn goes on to say in his comparison of the two men, that Liszt's compositions are beneath his performance, since before all "he lacks ideas of his own," all his writing aiming only at showing off his skill, whereas Thalberg's

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