A manual of photographic manipulation

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Arno Press, New York, 1868 - Photography

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Page 293 - in nitro-hydrochloric acid. The deep yellow solution thus obtained yields, by evaporation, yellow crystals of the double chloride of gold and hydrogen; when this is cautiously heated, hydrochloric acid is expelled, and the residue, on • cooling, solidifies to a red crystalline mass of
Page 286 - entirely dissolved. Now add fourteen ounces of distilled water, when the excess of iodide of silver is again thrown down, but in such a finely divided state as to render the saturation of the bath with iodide of silver perfect.
Page 4 - Posterity, by the agency of Photography, will view the faithful image of our times; the future student, in turning the page of history, may at the same time look on the very skin, into the very eyes, of those, long since mouldered to dust, whose lives and deeds he traces in the text.
Page 21 - beyond it; on looking intently at either we are conscious of the presence of the other, but we do not discriminate its details; on fixing one we lose the definition of the other.
Page 190 - in the general landscape, fine broad effects of light and shade will supersede it all. Mere clean mechanism on the plate grows monotonous, and will always succumb to the sentiment conveyed to the mind of the spectator by representations—photographically less
Page 294 - is decomposed by light both in a dry and wet state; very slowly if pure, and
Page 62 - diagram will give the student a good idea of the action of the diaphragm on a Portrait Lens. The dark lines AA, represent the depth and direction of the focus of the lens at full aperture. The curvature of the field is purposely exaggerated in order better to show the subsequent result. We will take the
Page 65 - but at the loss of rapidity of execution by the abstraction of a corresponding illuminating area. The length of the focal distance from the back lens to the film is increased, but with a wellcorrected lens of "long focus," the field, under such conditions of aperture, is very nearly
Page 63 - definition at the margins—that the depth of focus is limited, which gives enlargement and distortion to all projections, and that the size of the picture is small. Now on placing a diaphragm of three inches aperture between the combinations, the

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