The London Medical and Physical Journal, Volume 48

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J. Souter, 1822 - Medicine
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Page 456 - Next considering that the spinal nerves have a double root, and being of opinion that the properties of the nerves are derived from their connections with the parts of the brain, I thought that I had an opportunity of putting my opinion to the test of experiment, and of proving at the same time that nerves of different endowments were in the same cord, and held together by the same sheath.
Page 456 - On laying bare the roots of the spinal nerves, I found that I could cut across the posterior fasciculus of nerves, which took its origin from the posterior portion of the spinal marrow without convulsing the muscles of the back; but that on touching the anterior fasciculus with the point of the knife, the muscles of the back were immediately convulsed.
Page 456 - ... are both sent to the tongue : hence it is, in short, that no part is sufficiently supplied by one single nerve, unless that nerve be a nerve of the spinal marrow, and have a double root, a connection (however remotely) with both the cerebrum and cerebellum.
Page 492 - About three ounces of reddish fluid were contained in the left cavity, and nearly eight ounces in the right. The lungs were quite sound. The pericardium was natural, and contained about an ounce of fluid. The heart was of the natural size, but thickly covered with fat The auricles and ventricles exhibited nothing extraordinary, except that the muscular parts appeared rather paler than natural. Upon opening the abdomen the omentum was found remarkably fat...
Page 277 - Chamberlaine, the founder i/f the " Society for the relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical men in London and its Vicinity.
Page 456 - I found that injury done to the anterior portion of the spinal marrow, convulsed the animal more certainly than injury done to the posterior portion; but I found it difficult to make the experiment without injuring both portions.
Page 492 - ... the concave surface of the left lobe of the liver; and on separating these, an ulcer which penetrated the coats of the stomach was discovered one inch from the pylorus, sufficient to allow the passage of the little finger. The internal surface of the stomach to nearly its whole extent was a mass of cancerous disease, or scirrhous portions advancing to cancer; this was particularly noticed near the pylorus.
Page 492 - On a superficial view the body appeared very fat, which state was confirmed by the first incision down its centre, where the fat was upwards of one inch and a half over the abdomen. On cutting through the cartilages of the ribs, and exposing the cavity of the thorax, a trifling adhesion of the left pleura was found to the pleura costalis. About three ounces of reddish fluid were contained in the left cavity, and nearly eight ounces in the right. The...
Page 426 - Indeed there is such prostration of muscular strength, and depression of vital principle, from the very onset of the attack, that I must suppose the contagion to act upon the human frame, probably through the medium of the nervous system...
Page 456 - The spinal nerves being double, and having their roots in the spinal marrow, of which a portion comes from the cerebrum, and a portion from the cerebellum, they convey the attributes of both grand divisions of the brain to every part ; and therefore the distribution of such nerves is simple, one nerve supplying its destined part. But the nerves which come directly from the brain, come from parts of the brain which vary in operation ; and in order to bestow different qualities on the parts to which...

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