The Manuscript Rarities of the University of Cambridge

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Síđa 25 - It was in the form of an imaginary conversation, and had come out just before. The Q-overnment were enquiring after the author;1 who had taken the precaution to.
Síđa 129 - ... which only five have descended to us. So prolific a producer, depending entirely on his writings for support, may be supposed to have contributed more largely to the theatre, which was to him, as to others, a principal source of profit. His plays, contrasted with those of the writers who belong to the latter part of the reign of Elizabeth and the beginning of the reign of James I., are not of much account. But, estimated by comparison with his contemporaries, Greene is entitled to a higher position....
Síđa 75 - The Remonstrance of the Nobility, &c., within the kingdom of Scotland, vindicating them and their proceedings from the crimes wherewith they are charged by the late proclamation in England, Feb. 27, 1639...
Síđa 10 - MaitU' in writing, after the inhibición giren by him to the Lower House of Parliament, as well by word of mouth as by letters, not to proci do in tho examminge his right to impose without assent of Parliament.
Síđa 28 - Extracts out of the records wherein may be collected by what meanes the kinges of England have and may raise moneyes, by Sir Robert Cotton.
Síđa 25 - KJ by way of humble Advertisement before his going into Scotland.
Síđa 159 - ... three surveys, in manuscript, dated 1616, 1617, and 1617 respectively, by John Norden, father and son, associated in the earlier case with John Thorpe. There are no maps attached to these surveys, of which the following are the titles : (i) " An Abstract out of the generall Survey of the Soke of Kirkto in Lindesey in the Countie of Lincoln with all the Manors, townships, landes and tenements, within or belonging vnto the same being parcell of the inheritance of the righte worthy Charles Prince...
Síđa 116 - The charge delivered by the Earl of Essex and nine other Colonels at the Council Table against the Viscount...
Síđa 126 - MODEST (a) enquiry whether St. Peter were ever at Rome, and bishop of that Church?
Síđa 70 - Skirbek, butler of Edward prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall and earl of Chester, the king's son, of all the lands of Thomas de Ardern in Rokesden, Chalvester and Bereford, co.

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