Biographical Dictionary of Well-known British Columbians: With a Historical Sketch

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Kerr & Begg, 1890 - British Columbia - 326 pages
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Page 59 - The Government of the Dominion undertake to secure the commencement simultaneously, within two years from the date of the Union, of the construction of a railway from the Pacific towards the Rocky Mountains, and from such point as may be selected, east of the Rocky Mountains, towards the Pacific, to connect the seaboard of British Columbia with the railway system of Canada; and further, to secure the completion of such railway within ten years from the date of the Union.
Page 60 - Columbia in any other way than under right of preemption requiring actual residence of the pre-emptor on the land claimed by him. In consideration of the land to be so conveyed in aid of the construction of the said railway, the Dominion Government agree to pay to British Columbia from the date of the Union, the sum of 100,000 dollars per annum, in half-yearly payments in advance.
Page 59 - Government, in trust, to be appropriated in such manner as the Dominion Government may deem advisable in furtherance of the construction of the said Railway...
Page vii - Appendix of this volume for full account. of the whole affair, and well knowing who were the guilty persons, and what hand he himself had in it, goes to the Newittee camp, twelve miles distant, and loudly demands the surrender of the murderers. The savages acknowledge the murder, but plead that they were only executing orders. Truer, to themselves and to the right than were the white men, they...
Page 19 - ... government the number of colonists settled in the Island, and the lands sold. If at the expiration of five years no settlement should have been made, the grant should be forfeited; and if at the expiration of the company's license of exclusive trade with the Indians in 1859 the government should so elect, it might recover from the company the Island, on payment of such sums of money as had been actually expended by them in colonization. That is to say, the crown reserved the right to recall the...
Page 62 - First. — A branch from the point indicated as the proposed eastern terminus of the said railway to some point on the Georgian Bay, both the said points to be determined by the...
Page xxvi - ... that the poor victims are buried alive unknown to their companions without. The danger of this work and its inefficiency for extracting the gold, much of which was lost in these dark holes, gave rise, as the agency of water became more appreciated, to
Page 319 - He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of the Royal Dublin Society.
Page vii - The California gold excitement was everywhere raging, and sailors willingly risked their lives to free themselves from service. From one of the company's vessels then lying at Victoria, three men deserted to the England, which then continued her way to Fort Rupert. Meanwhile notice was sent to Rupert of the deserters, who thereupon became frightened, left the England, and took to the woods, intending to join the vessel at another port. Indians were sent in pursuit with orders from Blenkinsop, then...
Page 49 - ... and at Yale two others — one who was shortly afterwards proved guilty of some rascality and discharged; the other, an honest man enough, but altogether unfit, from temperament and social position, for the discharge of his duties. These three dignitaries were not upon the best terms with one another, and two of them claimed a certain case and prisoner as belonging each to his own district, and disputed the right of adjudicating upon them to such a degree that, one having possession of the culprit's...

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