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I'm rather embarrassed by this bit of ridiculousness from Michael Oren.
Israel has restricted the movement of Gaza denizens for decades. Hence, rocket fire from Gaza is simply not a credible
impetus (even if the blockade were not collective punishment)--in 1972, Gazans were given general entry and exit permits, in 1989, magnetic scan cards (aimed to emulate South Africa's pass system), and from 1993 a comprehensive closure system. In response to civil disobedience in September 2000, Israel effected complete closure of Gaza's borders. Note that all this occurred long before the first documented rocket landed in Ashdod (which occurred on January 16, 2001).
Remember that several months ago Gazans suffered from an invasion that killed 1,417 people and injuring 5,380, damaged or destroying tens of thousands of homes, 170 schools, 15 of Gaza’s 27 hospitals and 43 of its 110 primary health care facilities, 800 water wells, and nearly every single one of its 10,000 family farms; leaving 50,000 people homeless, 400,000-500,000 without running water, one million without electricity, and resulting in acute food shortages.
The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that 73% of Gaza children still suffer from psychological and behavioral disorders, including psychological trauma, nightmares, involuntary urination, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Rather than discuss what UN Official Maxwell Gaylard has called "a crisis of human dignity," Michael Oren prefers to engage in finger-pointing polemics, mocking those who have committed their resources, safety, and time to this humanitarian catastrophe.

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I found this book a very interesting read due to the fact that it was written with the intent to not be biased. I does read very much like a textbook, so beware if you are just wanting to set down & read as a fun project.

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