The stranger's guide through the town of Nottingham

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Page 82 - HERE would I wish to sleep. — This is the spot Which I have long mark'd out to lay my bones in; Tired out and wearied with the riotous world, Beneath this yew I would be sepulchred. It is a lovely spot ! The sultry sun, From his meridian height, endeavours vainly To pierce the shadowy foliage, while the zephyr Comes wafting gently o'er the rippling Trent, And plays about my wan cheek.
Page 36 - Here lies a marksman, who, with nrt and skill, When young and strong, fat bucks and does did kill. Now conquered by grim death (go reader tell it) He's now took leave of powder, gun, and pellet ; A fatal dart, which in the dark did fly, Has laid him down among the dead to lie. If any want to know the poor slave's name, "Tis Old Tom Sooth — ne'er ask from whence he came. He's hither sent ; and surely such another Ne'er issued from the belly of a mother.
Page 81 - Now, now, my solitary way I bend Where solemn groves in awful state impend, And cliffs, that boldly rise above the plain, Bespeak, blest Clifton ! thy sublime domain.
Page 39 - Land ; the altar is natural rock ; and there has been painting upon the walls ; a steeple, I suppose where a bell hung, and regular pillars ; the river Leen winding about, makes a fortification to it, for it comes at both ends of the cliff, leaving a plain in the middle...
Page 39 - This is a ledge of perpendicular rock hewn out into a church, houses, chambers, dove-house, &c. The church is like those in the rocks at Bethlehem, and other places in the Holy Land. The altar is natural rock, and there has been painting upon the wall : a steeple, I suppose where a bell hung, and regular pillars. The river here winding about makes a fortification to it, for it comes to both ends of the cliff, leaving a plain before the middle. The way to it was by gates...
Page 86 - ... water, wood, and refreshments, the frigates hoisted Spanish colours; but, while steering towards it, the Sibylle grounded on the north-west point of the small island of Santa-Cruz. The Fox and the two gun-boats then stood on; but, at 6 h. 20 m. AM, being becalmed, were obliged to anchor just abreast of, and at the distance of about a mile and a half from, the fort of Samboangon. At about this time the Sibylle got off; but the state of the tide, coupled with the want of wind, prevented her from...
Page 51 - He sprang from a barrel of Nottingham Ale, Nottingham Ale, boys ; Nottingham Ale ; no liquor on earth is like Nottingham Ale. This song was a great favourite in the eighteenth century, and was sung to the tune of
Page 56 - Nottingham, caused this alms-house to be erected for twelve poor people, and did give one hundred pounds yearly, forth of his ancient inheritance, lands at and near Bramcote aforesaid, for pious and charitable uses, to continue for ever. Namely...
Page 14 - ... Bromley, and was one of the ancestors of Sir Robert Howe Bromley, of Stoke, in this County, and hence the building obtained its name. It was for many years, the Nottingham residence of that distinguished family, and at one time was used as a banking house; then it was occupied by Thomas Smith, Esquire, but afterwards falling to decay, it was purchased for the Subscription Library of the town.
Page 14 - Here is the largest collection of books in the town, consisting of many thousand volumes, in all the various departments of science and literature. Here is also a cabinet of mineralogy, to which additions are constantly making, and the room is adorned with sculptures, paintings, maps, portraits, &c.

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