The Fur Trade of America and Some of the Men who Made and Maintain it: Together with Furs and Fur Bearers of Other Continents and Countries and Islands of the Sea

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Peltries Publishing Company, 1917 - Fur - 591 pages
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Page 7 - Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.
Page 59 - I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands — one nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
Page 133 - On the fifth point, we, Baron de Courcel, Lord Hannen, Sir John SD Thompson, Marquis Emilio VlscontlVenoata, and Gregers WW Gram, being the majority of said arbitrators, decide and determine that the United States have no right to the protection of, or property In, the seals frequenting the Islands of the United States In Behring Sea when the same are found outside the ordinary three-mile limit.
Page 130 - By the terms of section 1963, United States Revised Statutes, the Secretary of Commerce and Labor is directed, at the expiration of the lease which gives the North American Commercial Company the right to engage in taking fur seals on the islands of St.
Page 54 - ... to procure uniformity and certainty in the customs and uses of trade and commerce, to settle differences and to procure uniformity of opinion and action and co-operation between its members, to procure a more enlarged, united and friendly intercourse and action between business...
Page 322 - Whereas it has pleased Almighty God, in his infinite wisdom, to take from us...
Page 97 - ... file an information against and prosecute the person so offending, and the punishment of such person, on conviction, shall be a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment not to exceed six months, or both, at the discretion of the court: Provided, That the fees of such witness...
Page 198 - The general length from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail is about thirtyeight inches, and the height from the top of the shoulder to the sole of the foot, fourteen inches.
Page 474 - One explanation (see below) is neoplatonic; another is psychological. In any case, everyone has experienced the shock of eating a thing which is called by the wrong name, or would question the adage that a rose 'by any other name would smell as sweet'.
Page 542 - ... the spider taketh hold with her hands and is in king's palaces.

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