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I have recently read some topic about NEOTIC SCIENCE.After read that I became more thirsty to know more some thing about this.I had learn that when we thought something some invisible wave generate from us that can effect random event.Now I have some question about this.One of this; as some wave generate from us and it can effect random event, is it able to change event by combine with other wave.For example; when we chat over phone is it able to make change to another end or if we will able to find any similarities between both wave than is it will be able to change any random event to remotest end 

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When I found The Intention Experiment on the shelves of a local bookstore, I grabbed it without hesitation and took it home to ingest. Finally, a book that deals with exactly what I had been wondering: “What scientific proof shows that intention can physically manifest?” As with any book you want to tear through, as necessary as the initial couple chapters are, I was impatient to get to the real meat.
The book is focused on providing scientific proof for intention, starting off with explanations that involve Quantum Physics. The author, Lynne McTaggart, does a fine job at making impossibly abstract ideas and physics experiments understandable and applicable to the main thrust of the book. She breaks down the science of intention. She takes Anton Zeilinger and Sai Gosh’s work on the double-slit test (light wave-particle duality) and shows how at the molecular level, there is a state of pure potential, how thoughts are able to affect finished, solid matter.
Equally as interesting is the section on how we are all, in essence, transmitters and receivers of information. McTaggart explains how Gary Schwartz used EEG amplifiers (the kind used to measure the electrical activity in the brain) in a new way, showing how mental exertion, intention and thoughts of healing can be picked up in the air just like any other type of electrical signal. Later this information is expanded upon to give you insight how alpha brain waves are optimum for using intention correctly.
Most of the book is based around using intention to heal. I am not in the business of healing people through intentions and do not wish to try but I found it very interesting to take the ideas as a launching pad to a whole series of what-ifs. There is no limit to what we can use our own intentions for. If you are the slight bit interested in using intention in your life, I highly recommend this book. It allayed my skepticism about “positive thinking” and helped me see through science, not mysticism, that our minds are powerful and can create our own reality . I’ve read some other books and e-books on the same subject and they usually can be boiled down to a few common sense tips. This book is really unique though, it gives you the background information so you can trust in your intentions and gives you detailed steps on how to do it yourself. The Intention Experiment is a genuinely interesting read with tons to take away of completely new information.
Review by Thinkslice, writings about Quantum Physics, Intention and Kinesiology.

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