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I have recently read some topic about NEOTIC SCIENCE.After read that I became more thirsty to know more some thing about this.I had learn that when we thought something some invisible wave generate from us that can effect random event.Now I have some question about this.One of this; as some wave generate from us and it can effect random event, is it able to change event by combine with other wave.For example; when we chat over phone is it able to make change to another end or if we will able to find any similarities between both wave than is it will be able to change any random event to remotest end 

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My name is Terry Steblyk.......I am a Canadian working in the Middle East. It is extremely important that you and I converse via e-mail or by phone.
If you knew my quest, together we could help change the world on an astronomical scale. I have tried countless ways to contact you luck so far. I hope this message reaches you. or or Please I beg of me.
Warm Regards,

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