A Death in Dulcinea

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Alligator Tree Press, 2005 - Fiction - 233 pages

Retired school librarian Darby Matheson can't seem to avoid getting tangled in other people's problems. Maybe it's because socialite and volunteer extraordinaire Willemina shanghais her for every charity event in town. Maybe it's because the lure of former fashion model Ariana's ongoing marital melodrama is too strong to resist. Maybe it's because after twenty-seven years of marriage, she's got more to say to others than to her quiet husband; Thurman would rather listen to the hum of his band saw than to her anyway. But, most likely, it's because she purposefully tunes out her sixth sense. Whatever the reason, outgoing, warmhearted, intuitive Darby gets wrapped up in her first murder investigation in her hometown of Dulcinea, Texas, when a woman she is less than fond of is found strangled to death and Darby's former student is accused. But Darby knows there is no way Isaac Molina committed murder even if he has always been a "hot-headed, trouble-making, bound-to-drop-out kid."

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About the author (2005)

Pronounced like the city in Wyoming, Laramee Douglas has stretched barbwire fence, bottle fed calves, worked construction, gauged oil wells, trained salespeople, taught elementary school, and built a small library from the ground up as librarian of a public high school for at-risk kids. She earned a B.A. in elementary education, an M.Ed. in learning resources, and is the author of two southwest mysteries. She lives in South Texas.

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