The Annals of Electricity Magnetism and Chemistry and Guardian of Experimental Science, Band 10

Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper

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Seite 406 - The best process for fixing any of the photographs prepared with gold is as follows : — As soon as the picture is satisfactorily brought out by the auriferous liquid, it is to be rinsed in spring water, which must be three times renewed, letting it remain in the third water five or ten minutes. It is then to be blotted off and dried, after which it is to be washed on both sides with a somewhat weak solution of hydriodate of potash.
Seite 401 - ... of the total light reflected, and in short exposures is such as would easily escape notice. Nevertheless, if a slip of this paper be held for only four or five seconds in the sun (the effect of which is quite imperceptible to the eye), and when withdrawn into the shade be washed over with the ferrosesquicyanate of potash a considerable deposit of Prussian blue takes place on the part sunned, and none whatever on the rest, so that on washing the whole with water, a pretty strong blue impresion...
Seite 383 - The board being then inclined twenty or thirty degrees to the horizon, the alcoholic tincture (mixed with a very little water, if the petals themselves be not very juicy) is to be applied with a brush in strokes from left to right, taking care not to go over the edges which rest on the board, but to pass clearly over those...
Seite 382 - This is also the place to observe that the colour of a flower is by no means always, or usually, that which its expressed juice imparts to white paper. In many cases the tints so imparted have no resemblance to the original hue. Thus, to give only a few instances, the red damask rose of that intense variety of...
Seite 461 - We are of opinion that if the result produced by such a combination is either a new article, or a better article, or a cheaper article to the public, than that produced before by the old method, that such combination is an invention or manufacture intended by the statute, and may well become the subject of a patent.
Seite 49 - I feel convinced that we have to do with some thermic influence, and that it will eventually be found that some purely calorific excitement produces a molecular change, or that a thermo-electric action is induced which effects some change in the polarities of the ultimate atoms of the solid.
Seite 49 - ... considerably shortened by applying a very gentle heat, for a few minutes, to the under surface of the plate. The heat must on no account be so great as to volatilize the mercury.
Seite 354 - THE earlier expei imenters* on animal electricity noticed the power of well-burned charcoal to conduct the common galvanic influence. I have found that this substance possesses the same properties as metallic bodies in producing the shock and sparkf when made a medium of communication between the ends of the galvanic pile of Signer Volta.
Seite 226 - Professor Henry has been enabled to produce a magnetic force which completely eclipses every other in the whole annals of magnetism; and no parallel is to be found since the miraculous suspension of the celebrated oriental impostor in his iron coffin.
Seite 49 - I find the impression made in the metal, I confidently hope to be enabled to give to these singular and beautiful productions a considerable degree of permanence, so that they may be used by engravers for working on.

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