The young lady's book: a manual of elegant recreations, exercises, and pursuits

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Page 201 - fate, was whipped down by the twigs, which brought her dead to the ground." Ravens live to a great age; they feed on carrion and small birds; and build on high trees, or solitary eminences. The Jackdaw is rather less than the Crow. The birds of this species are gregarious: they
Page 244 - draw straws, lengthwise, from the eaves of thatched houses, in order to pull out the flies that were concealed between them. The Long-tailed Titmouse (Fig. 115) constructs a very curious nest: it is of an oval form, with a
Page 135 - has, with justice, denominated the tigers of insects, are decorated with brilliant colours ; they prey upon the whole insect race : their jaws, which cross each other, are armed with fearful fangs; and the extreme velocity with which they can either run or fly, renders hopeless any attempt to elude their pursuit
Page 320 - the first opportunity: although such be the feeling, it is not fit that it should be expressed. If we confer a favour, and announce the fact to the party whom we have obliged, it is necessary to avoid any expressions that may tend to wound the feelings: it is possible to grant a
Page 125 - the first doubts of its truth were dispelled, what astonishment would succeed! Amongst the learned, what surmises!—what investigations! Amongst the vulgar, what eager curiosity and amazement! All would be interested in the history of such an unheard-of phenomenon ; even the most torpid would flock to the sight of such a prodigy. But, you ask, " To what do all these improbable suppositions tend
Page 62 - Jet, uncolour'd, drinks the solar beams: . Silvery Selenite her crystal moulds, And soft Asbestus smooths his silky folds; His cubic forms phosphoric Fluor prints, Or rays in spheres his Amethystine tints. Gay-pictur'd Mochoes glow with landscape dyes, And changeful Opals roll their lucid eyes
Page 201 - Raven) sat on: at last, when it gave way, the bird was flung from her nest; and though her parental affection deserved a
Page 144 - had previously, more than once, observed upon other species, something that I took to be a kind of Acarus, which appeared to be immoveably fixed just at the inosculations of the dorsal segments of the abdomen. At length, finding three or four upon a specimen of Melitta
Page 238 - Fly-catchers seize them after they escape from prison, exulting on their wings. In the language of Pennant, the characters of this genus are, bill flatted at the base, almost triangular, notched at the end of the upper mandible, and beset with bristles at its base (Fig. 103).
Page 152 - which he put into a large tub of water. Having remained in the boat till about eight o'clock, without seeing any remarkable number of flies, and being threatened with a storm, he landed, and placed the tub in his garden, at the foot of which ran the Marne; an astonishing number of

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