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Self-assured, entertaining debut novel that blends genres and crosses continents in quest of magic.The world's not big enough for two wizards, as Tolkien taught us—even if that world is the shiny, modern one of the late 19th century, with its streetcars and electric lights and newfangled horseless carriages. Yet, as first-time novelist Morgenstern imagines it, two wizards there are, if likely ... Read full review

Review: The Night Circus

Editorial Review - - Norah Piehl

When I was at the BookExpo America publishing convention earlier this year, I kept bumping into the same fancifully attired young people. Dressed in elaborate blackandwhite costumes, they were handing out snacks advertising the forthcoming publication of Erin Morgenstern's THE NIGHT CIRCUS. I had never heard of the author, and when I learned that this was, in fact, her debut novel, I was even more ... Read full review

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This was such a well written and stunningly intricate book. The elements of magic and romance went so well together and made the entire story so special. Simple techniques and ideas are used in such an effective way. My only regret is that I do not have a copy of this book at home. PLEASE DO READ IT! 

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This book is delightfully rich in magical imagery and wonder. I listened to the audio version and was transfixed throughout. The arc of the story is perfect, and the unique cleverness of the tale is spellbinding.

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Offers lots of beautiful imagery, but lacks plot and character development.

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"The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones." Erin Morgenstern's quote in The Night Circus sums up my view on this book. I first bought this book as a Christmas gift for a friend, and long story short, as a result of a mix-up, I had two copies. I had read the back of the book many times, and just wasn't sure if it was something that would interest me. Eventually I decided to start reading it because I had just finished another book and couldn't decide what to read next. Wow. This book went beyond all of my expectations! I was drawn into it immediately and didn't want to put it down. This book is riveting, magical. I couldn't wait to keep reading it to find out what happened next. Every detail was described so thoroughly I could picture everything and felt like I was at the circus myself! I can't wait for Ms. Morgenstern to write another spellbinding novel!

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This book is ultimatly my second favorite, if not tied for first, book of all time. The way it changed persepctives and travels from one character to another in chapters is captivating and
appealing to someone who gets bored with the events of a single character. Keeping the mind active and intrigued, it's a wonderful page turner. 

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I loved this book,most amazing piece of fiction i have read that rivals my thoughts on many older classics such as Alice in Wonderland,having a very similar feel to it,the mystery,the creativity you can just lose yourself in this book and thats a great quality for a book to have,the ability to melt the world around the reader
I loved Celia and Marco's relationship,i am still reading and find it the most enchanting part of the book,some times i think they are the best part of the book
I would highly recommend this for anyone who is a lover of Alice in Wonderland,or wants to read a magical story.
You will not be dissapointed
Love it.

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Amazing novel. Gripping, intense, and enchanting.

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