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User Review  - joyhclark - LibraryThing

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The fantastical elements were amazingly intricate. I was actually left feeling sad that such a circus does not exist! My only complaint, and the reason why I did not ... Read full review

Definitely worth a read

User Review  - MrsBlondin - Tesco

Read this for my book club, I thoroughly enjoyed it although I thought the end was a little disappointing and to be honest it wasn't really meaty enough to generate much discussion at book club. Read full review

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User Review  - whimsicalwattle - LibraryThing

I enjoyed this book, it felt really special. But I think the end let it down a bit, I would have liked to find out more about how things went on. Also the use of second person every few chapters drove me insane. Second person is my least favourite point of view, I simply cannot stand it. Read full review

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Love it!

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Erin Morganstern’s debut novel The Night Circus is an enchanting tale of two illusionists battling each other in a magical contest within “Le Cirque des Reves”, the Circus of Dreams. Set in the late 1800’s, the circus travels from city to city, appearing in town, with no fanfare or notice. Gardens of ice, mazes of clouds, bonfires that never go out, and tent after tent of performers of unheard-of feats keep circus attendees amazed. The circus is made with magic, real magic; which weaves its spell on every aspect of the book.
Le Cirque des Reves mesmerizes fans throughout the world and inspires a group of “Reveres”, fans who follow the circus, but the circus of dreams is all backdrop to the secret contest of Celia and Marco. Both are magicians, who as children were bound by their father figures to compete in a secret contest against each other, creating illusions and manipulating objects, but they don’t know the rules or how the winner is determined.
The Night Circus is lush and vivid, a treat for the imagination. The split narrative can at times be confusing, as we are sent back and forth in time, but chapters are never boring. However, plot is slow to develop throughout this book. The reader does feel suspense building around the Celia and Marco, as they figure out the rules of their contest and fall head over heels in love with each other, but the book is generally one long descriptive narrative of the circus and the people surrounding it.
The supporting characters are so well imagined, like the tattooed contortionist Tsukiko; who can turn her body in amazing shapes, or Anna Padva; retired prima ballerina and costume designer of the circus, that they could exist in novels of their own. Sadly, they and other supporting characters are lost to the vivid backdrop and the story of Celia & Marco, and come away totally underused. Others like twins; Popit and Widget, born on opening night, who age while others involved in the circus never seem too, and their friend Baily, who dreams of life bigger than as a sheep farmer; shine just as bright as the circus. Baily’s simple desire to dream and the innocence of his youth while visiting a magical world remind the reader of an innocent time when anything is possible.
This book is not for everyone, it is slow to develop and may frustrate some readers who love action, but for those who love a bit of magic you may think this is the best debut novel you have ever read.

Review: The Night Circus

User Review  - Nancy - Goodreads

This novel reads like a Neil Gaiman for older readers. The night circus appears out of nowhere,and is only open, well, at night. The strange and weird reside in each tent and around the winding ... Read full review

Review: The Night Circus

User Review  - Jess - Goodreads

This book was outstanding in terms of its description and magical/mysterious atmosphere. However, the plot wasn't so strong, in my opinion. This story's setting and time changes from for ex. 1899 ... Read full review

Review: The Night Circus

User Review  - Laura Webster - Goodreads

This was a really interesting little story. I loved the fantasy of the circus, the whimsy of the characters and the "moulin rouge" feeling to this story. Unfortunately the author seemed a bit too ... Read full review

Review: The Night Circus

User Review  - Steve - Goodreads

Seems when I finished this I didn't add it here, so I'm adding it now. Too bad you can't do half stars here because this one is a solid 4.5. It's advertised as Harry Potter for grown ups but that's ... Read full review

Review: The Night Circus

User Review  - Emily Love - Goodreads

I wish I could go to this circus. Morgenstern created such a vivid place for me that appealed to all my senses...I felt like I could smell, touch, hear, and see the circus. It's such a romantic story ... Read full review

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