A Paranormal File

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john pinkney, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 440 pages
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Many witnesses have experienced - and photographed - startling phenomena which defy explanation. In this enthralling book journalist John Pinkney investigates the most mysterious of these cases: the politicians son found dead near a UFO circle in a Queensland paddock...The gold prospector permanently blinded by a circular crafts dazzling lights...The strange force that stripped orchards of fruit overnight. The murderous ghost that created havoc in Melbournes vast Princess Theatre...Floating heads photographed in a rural graveyard. The eerie chain of coincidence that forceda Sydney couple to meet and marry...The boy who foreglimpsed the Melbourne Cup winners name - in mirror-writing. The unidentified craft which, between 1934 and 1978, plagued Australias Bass Strait - as three planes, their pilots and passengers, vanished without trace. The superman comic book, published 1939, which unwittingly predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 24 years later. This unique book offers one of the broadest surveys of paranormal events ever published. Presented in John Pinkneys trademark open-minded style, these analytical reports make riveting reading.

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Exclusive color photographs. Illustrations. 225-plus pages.
Bestselling author and journalist JOHN PINKNEY has devoted most of his career to studying the paranormal at first-hand. This unique book - in which he presents his most fascinating cases - is the culmination of a lifetime's study of UFOs, hauntings, coincidences, futuredreams, near-death experiences, and more. The rigorously-authenticated chronicles include:
* UFOs over Australia's Bass Strait. Five aircraft, their pilots, crews and passengers, vanish without trace.
* A hooded ghost haunts a film set. George Miller, maker of the Mad Max movies is baffled by a transparent monk-like figure which appears in a still shot taken in Melbourne's General Cemetery. The picture, seen around the world, has never been explained.
* People who glimpsed the future - including young TV racecaller Dan Mielicki, who accurately dreamed the three winners of the Caulfield Cup, and advised viewers to back them, hours before the race was run.
* An uncanny snapshot of the glowing 'ghost,'blamed for breaking a hotel manager's leg in three places.
* Stunningly accurate predictions in print. A thriller-writer unknowingly foretells the kidnapping and subsequent career of heiress Patti Hearst...A Superman comicbook, published in 1939, unwittingly forecasts the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 24 years later...Author Jonathan Swift, writing Gulliver's Travels in 1726, describes in detail the orbits of the Martian moons - bodies invisible to the era's primitive telescopes. And much more.
A Paranormal File also contains authentic photographs of UFOs and the uncanny canefield carvings they allegedly have left behind - along with stark snapshots of ghostly entities. Written in an open-minded style, these reports make riveting reading.


Dorries Dream Amazed World
A TV Host Foredreamed the Gulf War
Sad Case of the 3 Million Lottery Dream
Lawyer Listens to Slot Machine Dream and Wins 1 Million
Racewinners Foreseen
Dream Foretold Melbourne Cup
Viewers Enriched by a TV Commentators Dream
A Radio Racecaster Invaded Bettors Sleep

Couple Flee a Faceslapping Phantom
Ghostly Guidance Wins Lotteries
A Dead Friends Ghost Saved My Life
Living Phantoms Warning
Drowning Lover Stood at My Door
Dead Fathers Photograph Blazed with Light
Strange Case of the Bookstealing Spectre
Powdertrailing Phantom
Reports from the Edge of Reality
The Bass Strait Vanishings 1978 1934 1935
Death by UFO a Fathers Tragic Testimony
The Newspaper Photographer and the UFO Pictures that Disappeared
The Bulletcraft Coverup
Flying Machine Hushed Rainforest Birds
Snapshot Shows a Soaring Saucer
A Glowing Sphere Tracked My Bomber
A UFO Stopped Our Aircraft Carrier
Chantal and Olivia Peer into the Unknown
Enigma of the UTOs Unidentified Thieving Objects
Orchards Stripped Overnight
Thousands of Pineapples Stolen
The Great Mutilation Mystery
New Zealand Teenager Attacked by Hovering Sphere
Blinded by a Dazzling Saucer
Rogue Saucer Ravaged Car
What Carved the Pyramids into Queensland Cane?
Students Punished for Discussing the Westall UFO
Hole in Sky over New Zealand
Writhing Tubes Pierced Farmers Face
The Coincidence Conundrum
An Uncanny Mailtrail Led to Marriage
Murderers Name Haunted Yoko Ono
Number Nine Ruled John Lennons Life
Footballer Followed by Number 56
Synchronisms Dogged Killers Kingsley Amis and King Tut
A Sinister Synchronicity
Eerie Echo of Mothers Childhood
A Feathery Fluke
Ingrid Bergmans Destiny Predicted in Screenplay
Anthony Hopkins and the Godsend Novel
Neighbours Stuck Like Glue
Is Someone Writing Our Script?
Two Titanic Twists of Fate
Angel Took an Encore
The Future Foreglimpsed in Dreams
A Dying Boy Flew Ahead in Time
Dreamer Saw Train Tragedy
Dream Glimpse of a Family Home
Registers Might Save Lives
Rock Musician Predicted His Own Death
Dreamer Flew Illfated Plane
Precognition Proved by a Prescient Producer
Dream Encounters of the Cautionary Kind
Did Eight New Zealanders Predream Plane Crash?
Premonition Saved a Pilot
Voices Colours and Numbers in the Sky
The Pitfalls of Practicality
A Sleeping Peer Peered at Races Unrun
Prophecies in Print and on Film
Writers who Foreglimpsed the Sinking
An Australian Authors Vatican Visions
Comic Book Foreshadows JFKs Death
NASAs 1970 Moonshot Described in 1865
Arthur C Clarke Sees Eye on Saturn Moon
A Novel Precreates the KAL 007 Disaster
Feature Film Presages the House of Horrors Murders
TV Drama Foretells a Press Barons Death
Previsions of Gulf War
A Magazine Article Predicts Princess Dianas Sudden Death
Curious Case of the Clairvoyant Crossword
Worlds Beyond Death
Swam through the
Oh God Please Leave Me Here
Clairvoyant Powers of the Clinically Dead
Dead Soldier Sprinted across America
The Children who Talked with the Dead
Strange Case of the Timetravelling Musician
The Reincarnation Riddle
Children Bear Past Life Birthmarks
Beware Cleopatras Churchills
Reporter Covered the Reincarnation Beat
Did Derryn Hinch Go Down on the Titanic?
Reborn Sisters Remembered their Toys
What Did the Baby See?
A Cluster of Curses
Scourge of Queenslands Bouncing Stones
Jinxed Relics Wrought Revenge
Eye Eye Its Nelsons Curse
Thousands Believe a Hex Killed Israels Prime Minister
The Deadly Curse of Coronation Street
Evil Burned from a Deathbringing Boat
The Great Eastern Curse
Chilling Case of the Voodoo Camera
Inexplicable Events
A Wifes Dreamscreams Save a Traindrivers Life
Enigma of the Telecast from the Past
The Face of Alices Father Appears in Mould
Phantom Images Bloom from Walls and Floor
Did Prayers Cure a Queensland Quadriplegic?
Brisbanes Big Clock Faltered when its Builder Was Buried
A Pregnant Pause at the Checkout
The Night the Devil Left His Snowprints
Puzzle of the Barn that Never Was
Lost Paintings Found Thanks to Barry Humphries Hunches
The Strange Saga of the Sacred Tree
Disembodied Voice Warned of a Heart Attack
Mystery of the Multiple Lottery Winners
Doom Number Wins an Unlucky Lottery
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