St. Margaret's cave: or, The nun's story, Volume 2

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Page 231 - but for a stranger discovered acting against them, no mercy would be shewn." " You are too cautious, father. Life is only estimable as it is useful. Of what value is a jewel locked up in a casket, or a light burning
Page 87 - formed to create loose desires. Had you seen her, you would have felt the truth of what I assert; for dark indeed .must that heart be, that could regard her with less reverence than that with which she inspired me.
Page 10 - speech I thought so unfeeling and horrible, that it became imprinted upon my youthful imagination, in characters never to be effaced: To prove that he spoke as he thought, in a month after her decease he married, and brought home the daughter of a peasant at some distance from us, and who speedily began to
Page 3 - I am a weak and a foolish old man," returned he, " excuse me, I was taken by surprize.—The father is not wont to sleep so late, I fear he is not well." " In truth I fear not," answered Leopold, " for he rested not during the night, which made me the more careful of
Page 28 - Even during our voyage he began to instruct me, and I am convinced that before we reached Palestine, parting would have been as painful to him as to myself. .' On our arrival at Joppa, the friar gave letters to the captain of the vessel, to be remitted to my father on his return, which,
Page 112 - I am sick with many sorrows, and the barbed arrow of sin rankles in my heart; to prove my trust in you, I shall entreat you to take a journey from hence to the town of Berwick, to inform the good Franciscans there, that I have at length obtained intelligence of the lady
Page 67 - father in a few days. Impatient to testify his duty and embrace a parent, . Ferdinand and myself, attended by two domestics, left the castle the ensuing day, in order to meet him. As we were apprised of his route, we continued our way until the third evening, when we met him at a
Page 227 - begone, lest I call my lackeys to drive thee from my presence," said lord De Launcy. " One word, and I leave you.——• Margaret was in health and safety when you returned, and such will I claim her from your hands." So saying he left the apartment. On his return he found David awaiting
Page 179 - will be only extinguished with the last spark of my life." Maud sighed: she thought Hubert looked pale. Twice she called him back; she laid her hand on his. "Hubert"' said she, " my heart is oppressed, my blood is cold in my veins: a fearful dread, which I cannot express, hangs over me.
Page 80 - and two of his domestics. At length we continued our route and reached the castle of De Hoffman. The count's coolness by degrees decreased, and he would frequently talk to me a considerable time; but always respecting my future, intentions* the situation of my parents, and the education and employments of my infancy

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