My wanderings in the Soudan [letters] 2 vols, Volume 1

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Page 186 - that ensued was ludicrous beyond expression! If words were formed, it was certainly a masterpiece of enunciation, for seldom could any have been emitted in any language with the amazing rapidity that our friend now achieved; it was like speaking by machinery, the whirr and buzz were terrific, and there was scarcely time for any modulation. When the race ceased
Page 205 - hostess—Abountiful breakfast—Half-tamed young lions—All kinds of animals—Our hired house—Deep in dust—Cracks in the door—Inspected unawares—My new dog—The former threat
Page 230 - we dipped in a similar manner into these ; but this time I was able to escape a repetition of the process by saying that I wished to taste them all, and that there were far too many for me to take more than a very little of
Page 60 - camel, and, followed by one man only, carrying an extra rifle, made a long detour to get if possible behind and at the same time to leeward of them. I also dismounted, and, sitting down upon the ground, watched with keen interest. I know not whether my
Page 141 - When all the strange flocks and herds were driven off, and the herdsmen had gone with them, it seemed quite dull, and I missed the lively party at first very much ; but the refreshing prospect of a bath, a rest, and no more travelling for the next eighteen hours at least, was too delicious to produce anything but content.
Page 60 - pathies were most with the sportsman or the game :—I was very anxious about the result. There was not a shrub or rock or anything between us and the asses, and stalking them was indeed difficult. Long before a favourable spot or the right distance for a shot was reached, the fine creatures had become aware of something that
Page 101 - walking tour through the Soudan !" In the early mornings I often walk to get myself warm, and in the evenings, after the heat of the day, when it has become cool again, I walk for the mere pleasure of it, and for the sake of
Page 119 - COIFFURE OF MUTTON FAT. hour or more, till the preparation is considered complete. The one who is then to be the happy recipient of all this devoted exertion, is surrounded by two or three of the rest who divide his hair
Page 89 - though I must own that, from the tenderness and relish, which to us were so acceptable, that particular "mutton" must have had a good time of it previously. Let us hope that the good time we had
Page 22 - must not forget to tell you that we went out this morning to explore the town. Suakin is an island, and when we begin our journey south we shall have to go across to the

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