The Female Offender

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D.Appleton, 1909 - 313 pages

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Page 125 - Women are not only longer-lived than men, but have greater powers of resistance to misfortune and deep grief. This is a well-known law, which in the case of the female criminal seems almost exaggerated, so remarkable is her longevity and the toughness with which she endures the hardships, even the prolonged hardships, of prison life ... I know some denizens of female prisons who have reached the age of 90, having lived within those walls since they were 29 without any grave injury to health.9...
Page vi - Republicanism, but it cannot survive a demoralised people with crime in the ascendant. That crime is on the increase out of proportion to the population is indicated in many ways, but for the country as a whole, the United States census is the most reliable guide.
Page xii - ... which is the same in name will not always either really produce, or even so much as appear to others to produce, in two different persons the same degree of pain : therefore, That the quantity actually inflicted on each individual offender may correspond to the quantity intended for similar offenders in general, the several circumstances influencing sensibility ought always to be taken into account.
Page vi - Ratio to population. 185 6,737 1860 19,086 1870 ... 32,901 1880 58,609 1890 82,329 in 1,647 in 1,171 in 855 in 757 " This rate of increase in a few States, we are glad to note, has not been maintained, and in one or two, for the higher crimes, it has even decreased a trifle; but, upon the whole, the swell has been continuous, like a tide that has no ebb.
Page 112 - In the portraits of Red Indian and Negro beauties, whom it is difficult to recognize for women, so huge are their jaws and cheekbones, so hard and coarse their features, and the same is often the case in their crania and brains (Ibid.
Page 151 - And women are big children ; their evil tendencies are more numerous and more varied than men's, but generally remain latent When they are awakened and excited they produce results proportionately greater.
Page vii - Why," writes Dr. Morrison, of her majesty's prison, Wandsworth, " are our penal methods so helpless and discomforted in face of the criminal population? Why do the combined efforts of legislators, judges, police and prisons produce so few practical results? Is it because the social disease with which these agencies are grappling is beyond the reach of human skill, and will continue to rage with unabated virulence so long as social life exists? 1 If so we may well tremble for the welfare of the state,...
Page 28 - ... criminal and normal, than to normal women, especially in the superciliary arches in the seam of the sutures, in the lower jaw-bones, and in peculiarities of the occipital region.
Page 218 - Another occasional offence, specifically local, is abortion in the United States, where it is so diffused that public opinion has ceased to condemn it. In proof, we have the advertisements of doctors and female midwives who practise chiefly in this branch and recommend their establishments in newspapers and on posters.
Page 109 - Man not only refused to marry a deformed female, but ate her, while, on the other hand, preserving for his enjoyment the handsome woman who gratified his peculiar instincts.

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