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talking to snakes is cool...or is it?

User Review  - topaz - Borders

All throughout his summer back with the Dursleys, Harry Potter had dreamed about the day he could get back on the train to his boarding school, Hogwarts, where he was studying to become a wizard. Just ... Read full review

A Great Sequel

User Review  - Lina - Borders

This second book of the Harry Potter series is rife with peril. Harry and friends return for their second year at Hogwarts to find an evil conspiracy going on, involving the Chamber of Secrets and the ... Read full review


User Review  - gobeatlesrock123 - Borders

This enchanting novel by JK Rowling was absolutely thrilling with many twist and turns. I would reccomend this to adults or children of any age. Well done JK Rowling Read full review

Harry Potter Lover

User Review  - Booklord - Borders

This book stuck me to my seat. It is nail-bitting, wizard loving fun. Any one with a love for mischief and fantasy will be gripped by it as Harry, Ron and Hermonie reveal a very chilling secret. Read full review

Good book

User Review  - starshine21606 - Borders

i like this book and i recommend it to harry potter fans Read full review


User Review  - tiger rhb - Borders

this book was much better than the first. im very excited to read the third. Read full review


User Review  - alyssahh - Borders

Just as great as the first. Wonderful series and a shocking twist. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Read full review


User Review  - ChibisukeZero - Borders

A feast to the imagination! Excellent story and characters. Read full review

Harry Potter

User Review  - lizzygurl - Borders

I loved it! I've loved the whole series! The books are so much better than the movies! (Although they are good too!) Read full review

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