CURRENCY WARS: The Making of the Next Global Crisis

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A pioneer in the use of market intelligence for strategic purposes warns of the coming collapse of the dollar-based financial system.In Rickards' view, the world is currently going through a third currency war ("CWIII") based on competitive devaluations. CWII occurred in the 1960s and '70s and culminated in Nixon's decision to take the dollar off the gold standard. CWI followed WWI and included ... Read full review

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"Currency Wars" by James Rickards is an astounding treatise on the state of money today, when these 'currency wars' are being used to lever countries financial situations one way or the other. He is quite adept at descriptions of change after change relative to the stock market or another country's money system. Since I actually knew virtually nothing about what is going on financially, this book is really a very descriptive writ and never lost me regarding understanding. I recommend it highly for those wanting to find what has happened to our currency from decades past. - DS. 

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