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I saw the book in a book shop two weeks ago and it was the only one there. I decided that it was mine and i would get it come rain,thunder or high water. As with everything else just telling myself that meant i got it,I could not put it down and what an inspirational read it is. Being in Zimbabwe we are facing a lot of challenges and i am personally going through a tumultuous time in my career,marriage,christian walk and i had literally left my life to its own end. I was a t a point where i had lost all hope but thanks to the book i have begun dusting myself up and I am now taking charge of my life. My spiritual life is slowly but surely rebounding and my view on life has made an about turn thanks to this God Sent book. Flipping through the pages it felt as if the book was specifically written to address my situation. The depth and breadth of the wisdom inherent in it is awesome and I can safely say the book has rebirthed me and I feel,walk and talk like a completely different person. My problems havent gone away yet but i am slowly rebuilding what I have lost and know that I am coming out of it and everything will be better than before. Thank you Bishop Jakes the book has saved my life. God bless you and may you continue to share with us the wisdom and practicality of Gods word and the power to transform our lives not according to our own will but his. I like Zaccheus have climbed up the Sycamore tree to gain a new perspective on life and it true meaning. 

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i greed you in the name of Jesus.Amen.
i would like to apologies for not commenting on the current subject now ,it's just that i need help and my first time getting into this webside and needed
help for my unresolved issues.
My name is Julia and i'm saved. i have a question that need to be answered as i do not want to commit a sin, as i was reading the world secrets i got where they were talking about fornication that it is a sin and there is no doudt that someone that commits fornication is going to hell, so i need to know as i am a southafrican women that is married to an unsaved man (culturally) not in the western way by means of wedding rings and all that, and having intimacy together am i sinning because our families got together and arranged the traditional wedding by form of paying a lobola for him to get married to me? when i talk about lobala it is some money that is paid by a man to marry a woman and automatically they are married and they can deside when do they want to get married again in a western way called white wedding with the priest and everyone there to let them know that they are husband and wife now. we already have a child together and need to know if this is fornication should i divorce or break up with him because am now saved, i still love him but i do not want to go to hell and surely don't want him to go to hell, i am praying for him to accept christ as his saviour and live according to God's word, what should i do, i need your prayers to be out of this situation, please reply in time.

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