Statistical Bulletin, Masalah 312-322

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The Department, 1962

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Halaman 138 - Noncommercial forest land. — Forest land incapable of yielding usable wood products ("usually saw timber) because of adverse site conditions, or so physically inaccessible as to be permanently unavailable economically, and not withdrawn for specified purposes.
Halaman 154 - Virginia West Virginia North Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Appalachian South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Southeast Mississippi Arkansas Louisiana...
Halaman 5 - Nonarable soils (soils not suitable for longtime sustained use for cultivated crops) are grouped according to their potentialities and limitations for the production of permanent vegetation and according to their risks of soil damage if mismanaged. The land-capability classification provides three major categories: (1) Unit, (2) subclass, and (3) class.
Halaman 65 - Because of rounding, some totals may not equal the sum of the items listed.
Halaman 27 - ... to 259 acres 260 to 499 acres 500 to 999 acres 1,000 acres and over.
Halaman 151 - South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama SOUTHEAST Mississippi Arkansas Louisiana DELTA STATES Oklahoma Texas SOUTHERN PLAINS Montana Idaho Wyoming Colorado New Mexico Arizona Utah Nevada MOUNTAIN Washington Oregon California PACIFIC Alaska Hawaii UNITED STATES 119,904 I/ Preliminary.
Halaman 7 - Subclass e, erosion, is made up of soils in which the susceptibility to erosion is the dominant problem or hazard in their use. Erosion susceptibility and past erosion damage are the major soil factors for placing soils in this subclass. Subclass w, excess water, is made up of soils in which excess water is the dominant hazard or limitation in their use.
Halaman 8 - Includes (a) lands that are at least 10 percent stocked by trees of any size and capable of producing timber or other wood products, or of exerting an influence on the climate or on the water regime; (b) land from which the trees described in (a...
Halaman 5 - In the third and broadest category of the capability classification all the soils are grouped in eight capability classes. The risks of soil damage or the limitations in use become progressively greater from class I to class VIII.
Halaman 155 - Montana Idaho Wyoming Colorado New Mexico Arizona Utah Nevada Mountain Washington Oregon California Pacific...

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