Morals: A Treatise on the Psycho-sociological Bases of Ethics

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W.Scott publishing Company, Limited, 1903 - Ethics, Evolutionary - 382 pages
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Page 386 - Mercury. Life of Marryat By David Hannay. " What Mr. Hannay had to do — give a craftsman-like account of a great craftsman who has been almost incomprehensibly undervalued — could hardly have been done better than in this little volume." — Manchester Guardian. Life of Mill. By WL Courtney. " A most sympathetic and discriminating memoir.
Page 398 - Ibsen's characters speak and act as if they were hypnotised, and under their creator's imperious demand to reveal themselves. There never was such a mirror held up to nature before : it is too terrible. . . . Yet we must return to Ibsen, with his remorseless surgery, his remorseless electric-light, until we, too, have grown strong and learnel to face the naked — if necessary, the flayed and bleeding — reality." — SPEAKER (London). VOL. I. "A DOLL'S HOUSE," "THE LEAGUE OF YOUTH,
Page 386 - LIFE OF DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI. By J. Knight. "Mr. Knight's picture of the great poet and painter is the fullest and best yet presented to the public.
Page 393 - Among the distinguished French students of sociology, Professor Letourneau has long stood in the first rank. He approaches the great study of man free from bias and shy of generalisations. To collect, scrutinise, and appraise facts is his chief business. In the volume before us he shows these qualities in an admirable degree.
Page 386 - The series of ' Great Writers ' has hardly had a contribution of more marked and peculiar excellence than the book which the Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford has written for...
Page 108 - It is better to be a human being dissatisfied, than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied, than a fool satisfied.
Page 394 - MODERN METEOROLOGY. AN ACCOUNT OF THE GROWTH AND PRESENT CONDITION OF SOME BRANCHES OF METEOROLOGICAL SCIENCE. By FRANK WALDO, Ph.D., Member of the German and Austrian Meteorological Societies, etc.; late Junior Professor, Signal Service, USA With 112 Illustrations. "The present volume is the best on the subject for general use that we have seen." — Daily Telegraph (London). XXII. THE GERM-PLASM : A THEORY OF HEREDITY. By AUGUST WEISMANN, Professor in the University of Freiburg-in-Breisgau. With...
Page 233 - Those who think that science is dissipating religious beliefs and sentiments, seem unaware that whatever of mystery is taken from the old interpretation is added to the new. Or rather, we may say that transference from the one to the other is accompanied by increase ; since, for an explanation which has a seeming feasibility, science substitutes an explanation which, carrying us back only a certain distance, there leaves us in presence of the avowedly inexplicable.
Page 111 - ... people should fix their minds upon so wide a generality as the world, or society at large. The great majority of good actions are intended not for the benefit of the world, but for that of individuals, of which the good of the world is made up; and the thoughts of the most virtuous man need not on these occasions travel beyond the particular persons concerned, except so far as...

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