St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 57

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1889 - Medicine
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Page 71 - To the Medical Profession : The various medical associations and the medical profession will be glad to learn that Dr. John S. Billings, Surgeon US Army has consented to take charge of the Report on the Mortality and Vital Statistics of the United States as returned by the Eleventh Census. As the United...
Page 383 - That in all cases of threatened or inflamed breast, well regulated pressure by means of an elastic bandage should be applied, and no attempt should be made to nurse or withdraw the secretion until the entire subsidence of the inflammatory movement. The advantages of the elastic bandage over an ordinary roller are: i. It is easier of application. 2. The pressure is more uniform. 3. It is
Page 268 - How far should Health Authorities be Permitted to Apply K.nown Preventive Measures for the Control of Diphtheria. 9. Compulsory Vaccination. 10. Sanitation of Asylums, Prisons, Jails, and other Eleemosynary Institutions.
Page 313 - The American Academy of Medicine is endeavoring to make as complete a list as possible of the Alumni of Literary Colleges in the United States and Canada, who have received the degree of MD All recipients of both degrees, literary and medical, are requested to forward their names, at once, to Dr.
Page 195 - The part on Physical Electricity, written by Dr. Liebig, one of the recognized authorities on the science in the United States, treats fully such topics of interest as Storage Batteries, Dynamos, the Electric Light, and the Principles and Practice of Electrical Measurement in their Relations to Medical Practice. Professor Rohe, who writes on Electro-Therapeutics...
Page 195 - Rohe, who writes on Electro-Therapeutics, discusses at length the recent developments of Electricity in the treatment of stricture, enlarged prostate, uterine fibroids, pelvic cellulitis, and other diseases of the male and female genito-urinary organs. The applications of Electricity in dermatology, as well as in the diseases of the nervous system, are also fully considered.
Page 160 - ... till its eye is also seen penetrating the bowel in the opening of the rectoscope. The eyes of both probes are then threaded with the opposite ends of a No. 24 platinum wire, about ten inches in length, and both probes are then withdrawn, leaving the wire in situ forming a loop. Both ends are now secured to an electrode, the electric current turned on, and the loop drawn through the partition, in its passage destroying the membrane which lines the fistulous track. No dressing is necessary, as...
Page 400 - ... love work,' then I answer that there is a certain remedy, and it is work. Work in spite of yourself. and make the habit of work, and when the habit of work is formed it will be transfigured into the love of work ; and at last you will not only abhor idleness, but you will have no happiness out of the work which then you are constrained from love to do. Thirdly. the man must be charitable, not censorious — self-effacing...
Page 72 - June 1, 1889, to May 31, 1890. Nearly 26,000 of these registration books were filled up and returned to the office in 1880, and nearly all of them used for statistical purposes. It is hoped that double this number will be obtained for the Eleventh Census. Physicians not receiving Registers can obtain them...
Page 274 - Co. added to their list of tablets a 1-100 grain arsenite of copper tablet, which makes a convenient method of preparing the solution commended by Dr. Aulde. One tablet should be dissolved in three, four to six ounces of water, of which the dose is a teaspoonful. Reprints of Dr. Aulde's article furnished physicians by Parke, Davis & Co., on request.

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