Wit and Mirth: Or, Pills to Purge Melancholy: Being a Collection of the Best Merry Ballads and Songs, Old and New. Fitted to All Humours, Having Each Their Proper Tune for Either Voice, Or Instrument: Most of the Songs Being New Set... London, Printed by W. Pearson for J. Tonson, 1719-20, Volume 2

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Page 5 - How he brought himself to quit the men of Kent to come to Ireland with me is wonderful. However, now he is here, I hope he is tolerably happy : I must ask the question in direct terms ; for Gilbert would never speak till spoken...
Page 266 - CHLOE'S a Nymph in flowery groves, A Nereid in the streams; Saint-like she in the temple moves, A woman in my dreams. Love steals artillery from her eyes, The Graces point her charms; Orpheus is rivalled in her voice, And Venus in her arms. Never so happily in one Did heaven and earth combine; And yet 'tis flesh and blood alone That makes her so divine.
Page 20 - Here they did fling, and there they did hoist, Here a hot Breath, and there went a Savour; Here they did glance, and there they did gloist, Here they did Simper, and there they did Slaver; Here was a Hand, and their was a Placket, Whilst, hey! their Sleeves went Flicket-a-flacket. The Dance being ended, they Sweat and they Stunk, The Maidens did smirk it, the Youngsters did Kiss...
Page 148 - Broad as I was walking, upon a Summer's day, There I met a Beggar-woman cloathed all in Gray ; Her Cloaths they were so torn, you might have seen her Skin, She was the first that taught me to see the Golin, Ah, see the Golin my Jo ! see the Golin. You Youngsters of Delight, pray take it not in scorn, She came of Adanfs Seed, tho' she was basely born ; And tho' her Cloaths were torn, yet she had a Milkwhite Skin, She was the first, &c.
Page 284 - Come then, my brethren, and be glad, And eke rejoice with me ; Lawn "sleeves and rochets shall go down, And hey then up go we ! We'll break the windows which the Whore Of Babylon hath painted, And when the popish saints are down, Then...
Page 6 - The promis'd land of blessing For our forefathers meant, Is now in right possessing, For Canaan sure was Kent ; The dome at Knoll, by fame enroll'd, The church at Canterbury, The hops, the beer, the cherries here, May fill a famous story.
Page 191 - twas but to try thee, Call up your Witnesses, else I dene thee. She. Ah, who would trust you men that swear and vow so, Bom only to deceive, how can you do so? He. If we can swear and lye, you can dissemble, And then to hear the Lye, would make one tremble. She. Had I not lov'd, you had found a Denial, My tender Heart, alas, was but too real; Ht, Should a new Shower encrease the Flood, Too soon would overflow.
Page 187 - Who envies the splendour and state of a Crown! Then, follow, follow, follow, follow, jolly Boys! Keep in with the beagles, now whilst the scent lies! The...
Page 308 - But ah ! what is Age when our Youth's but a Span, She found him an Infant instead of a Man, Ah ! Pardon, he'd cry, that I'm weary so soon, You have let down my Base, I'm no longer in Tune ; Lay by the dear Instrument, prithee lie still, I can play but one Lesson, and that I play 1ll.

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