Magnets and Magnetism Simply Explained

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Spon & Chamberlain, 1910 - Magnetism - 90 pages
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Page 118 - Telegraphy for beginners; the standard method: an authoritative book of instruction in the methods and forms most approved, with lessons; including the Morse and continental codes.
Page 91 - Them. 12. Woodwork Joints, How to Make and Use. 13. The Fireman's Guide to the Care of Boilers. 14. The Slide Valve Simply Explained. 15. The Magneto Telephone. 16. The Corliss Engine and Its Management. 17. Making Wireless Outfits. 18. Wireless Telephone Construction. 19. The Wimshurst Machine, How to Make It. 20. Simple Experiments in Static Electricity. 21. Small Electrical Measuring Instruments. 22. Electrical Circuits and Diagrams, Part 2. 23. Induction Coils, How to Make Them. 24. Model Vaudeville...
Page 114 - ALTERNATING CURRENTS SIMPLY EXPLAINED. An elementary handbook on alternating current generators, transformers and motors. By AWMARSHALL INDUCTION COILS, use them.
Page 94 - ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS AND DIAGRAMS ILLUSTRATED AND EXPLAINED. New and Original Drawings, comprising Alarms, Annunciators, Automobiles, Bells, Dynamos, Gas Lighting, Motors, Storage Batteries, Street Railways, Telephone, Telegraph, Wireless Telegraphy, Wiring and Testing. BY NORMAN H. SCHNEIDER, 0000 Price 25 Cents.
Page 107 - ... ENGINE AND ITS MANAGEMENT BY JOHN T. HENTHORN AND CHARLES D. THURBER THIRD EDITION WITH AN APPENDIX Making Wireless Outfits A CONCISE AND SIMPLE EXPLANATION ON THE CONSTRUCTION AND USE OF INEXPENSIVE WIRELESS EQUIPMENTS UP TO 100 MILES By NEWTON HARRISON, EE The MODEL LIBRARY No. 18. Price 25 Cents Wireless Telephone Construction A Comprehensive Explanation of the Making of a Wireless Telephone Equipment for Receiving and Sending Stations with Details of Construction BY NEWTON HARRISON, EE With...
Page 91 - Batteri es 33. House Wiring for Electric Light. 34. Magnets and Magnetism. 36. Small Windmills and How to Make Them. Injectors, Their Construction and Use. Keppy. Refrigeration and Ice Making. Wakeman.
Page 109 - MODEL LIBRARY No. 19 The WIMSHURST MACHINE HOW TO MAKE AND USE IT A Practical Handbook on the Construction and Working of the Wimshurst Machine and other Static Electrical Apparatus FULLY ILLUSTRATED THE MODEL LIBRARY No.
Page 91 - LEARN TO DO THINGS Model Library Series OF COPYRIGHTED BOOKS 1. The Study of Electricity for Beginners. 2. Dry Batteries, How to Make them. 3. Electrical Circuits and Diagrams, Part 1. 4. Electric Bells, Annunciators and Alarms. 5. Modern Primary Batteries. 6. Experimenting with Induction Coils. 7. Electric Gas Igniting Apparatus. 8. Small Accumulators, How to Make and Use 9. Model Steam Engine Design.
Page 6 - ... centre. These hands are the needles which are the tongues of the apparatus ; in their vibrations to the right and left, their starts and pauses, the whole correspondence is conveyed. For each needle visible on the face of the instrument there is a corresponding one inside, the two being so placed that the north pole of the one and the south pole of the other are in the same position, so as to neutralise their magnetism, or rather the action of magnetism upon them. They are thus kept in a perpendicular...
Page 66 - No. i, and the plunger will be partly withdrawn by the pull of the spring. It is thus possible to regulate the position of the plunger according to the amount of current flowing in the respective coils.

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