The lectures of sir Astley Cooper, bart ... on the principles and practice of surgery, with additional notes and cases, by F. Tyrrell

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Page 280 - I distinctly saw the pulsation of the brain was regular and slow ; but at this time he was agitated by some opposition to his wishes, and directly the blood was sent with increased force to the brain, the pulsation became frequent and violent ; if, therefore, you omit to keep the mind free from agitation, your other means will be unavailing...
Page 33 - The parents thought this extremely odd, and assured her there was no danger of their bemg guilty of so great an act of cruelty ; but it was difficult to pacify her, and when put to bed she passed a restless night. On the following day she had a fever, during which she frequently exclaimed,
Page 68 - Scotch physician, for whom 1 had a great respect, and whom I frequently met professionally in the city, used to say, as we were entering the patient's room together, " Weel, Mister Cooper, we ha...
Page 167 - I think I can: if you will take a lodging in my neighbourhood, I think I can scrape down your shins, and make them as straight as any man's.
Page 246 - In hospital practice, surgeons were formerly exceedingly afraid to operate in autumn and spring; for it has often happened that the stimulating effects of adhesive plaster have produced this disease, and have led to the death of the patient. Sometimes it is epidemic, and sometimes contagious.
Page 34 - Cooper, in a high state of fever, with delirium, frequently muttering, " Pray don't put me in the cellar." When Sir Astley inquired the reason, he found that the parents had learnt the punishment to which she had been subjected. He ordered what was likely to relieve her, but she died in a week after this unfeeling conduct. Another case from the same authority may here be cited. It is the case of a child, ten years of age, who...
Page 305 - If the fracture be compound, the treatment must be very different; because a compound fracture is followed very generally by inflammation of the brain; and it will be of little use to trephine, when inflammation is once produced.
Page 68 - The methods by which I preserve my own health, are, temperance, early rising, and sponging the body every morning with cold water, immediately after getting out of bed; a practice which I have adopted for thirty years; and though I go from the hot theatre into the squares of the hospital, in the severest winter nights, yet scarcely ever have a cold.
Page 9 - Street, quarrelled with a woman ; another female came up, and gave him a blow in the region of the stomach, which caused almost instantaneous death. Upon dissection, to discover the cause of his expiring so suddenly, no morbid change was perceptible.
Page 10 - At the same time, he gave the former a slight blow on the region of the stomach, when the poor fellow immediately fell down and expired. On examination of his body, there was not any mark of violence discovered.

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