A compendious history of the Reformation in France: and of the reformed churches in that kingdom. From the first beginnings of the Reformation, to the repealing of the Edict of Nantz. With an account of the late persecution of the French protestants under Lewis XIV. ... Wherein the many falsifications of the Jesuit Daniel, ... are set forth ... By the Reverend Stephen Abel Laval, ... In three volumes. ...

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printed by H. Woodfall, for the author, and sold at his house, 1740
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Page 391 - Countries' against the tyranny of the Spaniards and their adherents ; but he was, for the time being, to bear no part in their government. If Philip should be deposed, the Estates promised to place him first in the line of succession. If they should make peace with the king of Spain, they would recognize their great indebtedness to him, and reward him accordingly.1...
Page 575 - ... incredible thing, not done, or accomplished, without the particular providence and disposition of the Almighty. A friar has killed a King, not a painted one in paper, nor pictured out upon a wall ; but the French King, in the middle of his armies, encompassed round about with his guard, and soldiers: Which truly is such an act, and done in such a manner, that none will believe, when it shall be told them; and perhaps our posterity after us will account, and esteem it, buta fable.
Page 491 - League on one side, and those of the King of Navarre, the Prince of Conde, and the Duke of Montmorency, on the other.
Page 242 - King, he knew nothing to the contrary ; what children the other had he knew not ; but from the Word of God, which ought to be the rule of all laws, or from the ancient laws of the kingdom, it could not be shown that he had, or ever could have any right.
Page 350 - Libertines, and other errors contrary to the purity of God's Word, and against which they cannot use those remedies that are most desired ; and yet, on the other hand, this synod did exceedingly rejoice at the glad tidings of their care and diligence in...
Page 574 - CONSIDERING oftentimes and seriously with myself, and applying the utmost of my understanding unto these things which now of late by the will of God are come to pass, I think I may fitly use the words of the prophet Habakkuk, saying, " I have wrought a work in your days which no man will believe when it will be told him,
Page 431 - Purpofes •, that the Princes of the Blood, the Peers of the Realm, the Officers of the Crown, the...
Page 229 - The man who hopes his bile shall not offend, Should overlook the pimples of his friend." We ought to overlook minor blemishes in our friends, if we expect that they should not be shocked with OUT greater defects. Qui nescit dissimulare nescit regnare. Lat. — " He who knows not how to dissemble, knows not how to reign.
Page 175 - Subjects, we, have allow'd and do permit thofe of the faid pretended Reform'd Religion, to live and inhabit in all the Cities and Places of this our Kingdom and...
Page x - Perfections which Henry II. excited againft them, the Minifters of the Reformed Churches of all the Provinces of France...

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