Martyre de Jean Ogilvie, le 10 mars 1615. (Église cath. en Écosse à la fin du xvi. siècle).

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Page 170 - Maieftie, our onely fupreame iuclge, in all caufes. The King is keeper of both Tables, and his place beares him not onely to the ruling of his fubiects in iuftice, and preferuing equitie amongft them ; but euen to maintaine religion and Gods pure worfliip, of which he fliould haue principal care. Your lord, the Pope, hath not onely denyed this authoritie to Kings, which God giueth them, but ufurpeth to himfelfe a power of depofing and killing, when he is difpleafed; and it were the lefle to be regarded,...
Page 62 - ... et le reste, il se baissoit et levoit les yeux au ciel avec une dévotion et une façon toute ravissante. Après...
Page 167 - If the king will be to me as his predecessors were to mine, I will obey and acknowledge him for my king ; but if he do otherwise, and play the runagate from God, as he and you all do, I will not acknowledge him more than this old hat.
Page 167 - I do no way acknowledge this judgment, nor receive you, that have that commission there produced, for my judges, I deny any point laid against me to be treason ; for if it were treason, it would be treason in all places and in all kingdoms, but that is known not to be so. As for your acts of Parliament, they are made by a number of partial men, the best of the land not agreeing with them, and of matters not subject to their forum or judicatory, for which I will not give a rotten fig.
Page 167 - Rome his jurisdiction. If the King will be to me as his predecessors were to mine I will obey and acknowledge him for my King but, if he do otherwise and play the runagate from God, as he and you all do, I will not acknowledge him more than this old hat.
Page 7 - Sauveur, qui veut que tous les hommes soient sauvés et arrivent à la connaissance de la vérité.
Page 53 - Incertaeque rei, Phalaris licet imperet ut sis Falsus et admoto dictet perjuria tauro, Summum crede nefas animam praeferre pudori Et propter vitam vivendi perdere causas.
Page 170 - And is it,' faid the Archbifhop, ' a point of faith, that the Pope may depofe his Maieftie ? Or do you think it a controuerfie in religion, Whether his Maieftie (whom God faue) may be lawfully killed or not ?' To this Ogilvie replied, ' It is a queftion amongft the Doctors of the Church, and many hold the affirmatiue, not improbably : A Councill hath not yet determined the point ; and if it...
Page 173 - ... Mailer Ogilvie is not well feene in antiquitie, or then fpeaketh againft his knowledge, when he faieth, that this power of the Pope was euer acknowledged by Chriftian Kinges : The Biihops of Rome, for many yeeres, made no fuch claime, neither did Empereurs or Kinges euer dreame of fuch fubjection : Long it was ere the Pope of Rome came to the height of commanding Kinges, and not till hee had opprefled the church, vnder the pretext of Saint Peters keyes, bearing downe all the Biihopes within Chriftendome...
Page 176 - One called John Abercrombie, a man of little wit, replied: " No matter, John, the more wrongs the better." This man was seen to attend him carefully, and was ever heard asking of Ogilvie some token before his death; for which, and other business he made with him, he was put off the scaffold. ' Ogilvie, ending his prayer, arose to go up the ladder; but strength and courage, to the admiration of those who had seen him before, did quite forsake him. He trembled and shaked. saying he would fall, and...

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