On the Value of Annuities and Reversionary Payments: With Numerous Tables, Volume 1

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Baldwin and Cradock, 1843 - Annuities - 558 pages
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Page 54 - What is the interest of $ 81, for 2 years 14 days, at ^ per cent. ? • per cent. ? per cent. ? 2 per cent. ? 3 per cent. ? 4 per cent. ? 5 per cent. ? 6 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 8 per cent.?
Page 114 - It is obvious that the present value of any other sum, will be found by multiplying the present value of 1, due at the end of the same number of years, by the number of pounds in that sum.
Page xxi - the difference between the " probabilities of life among males and/e" males, in favour of the latter." from the account in p. 95, it appears, that at NORTHAMPTON, though more males are born than females, and nearly the same number die; yet the number of living females is greater than the number of males, in the proportion of 2301 to 1770, or 39 to 30. This cannot be accounted for...
Page xxi - One obvious reason of this fact is, that males are more subject to untimely deaths, by accidents of various kinds, and also, in general, more addicted to the excesses and irregularities which shorten life. But this is by no means the only reason ; for...
Page 3 - Discdunt is an allowance made for the payment of a sum of money before it becomes due, according to a certain rate per cent, agreed on between the parties concerned. The present worth of any...
Page 170 - I/, to be received at the end of the year in which the life fails (the year being supposed to commence with the.
Page 122 - Finding in Table II. the value of an annuity certain for a number of years equal to twice the expectation. Multiply this value by the PERPETUITY increased by unity, and divide the product by twicethe expectation.
Page xxi - Year 1779, to i;.1-'/, inclusive, published annually between those dates. An abridgement of these Observations was printed, with Heysham's approval, in Hutchinson's History of Cumberland, and later published in pamphlet form at Carlisle in 1797. They were reprinted, with Life Tables calculated from them, by Joshua...
Page 50 - What is the present value of the reversion of a perpetuity of...
Page ix - A. diminished by the value of an annuity on the joint lives of A.

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