St. Thomas's Hospital Reports, Volume 34

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St. Thomas's Hospital, 1906
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Page 670 - has passed a Preliminary Examination in the subjects of General Education as specified in the following list
Page 590 - (a) That the most important lesion in the acute cases is a fatty change of the heart muscle and diaphragm, which is due to a direct action of the toxins on these tissues. (b) That similar fatty changes may be found in certain of the important viscera, more especially the
Page 561 - the heart muscle degeneration takes place as a rule before skeletal muscle degeneration, and is the result probably of direct action of the toxin, and not a secondary result of nerve change.
Page 454 - Eeports of the Society for the Study of Disease in Children/ vol. i, p.
Page 655 - The School buildings, isolated by a large quadrangle from the Hospital, stand at its southern extremity, between the river and the .gardens of Lambeth Palace. They are very commodious, and every effort has been made to provide accommodation completely fulfilling modern requirements.
Page 506 - he passed the examination for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. In
Page 590 - acute cardiac failure." (d) That the changes found in the nervous system are secondary factors and not the primary cause of the cardiac failure. (e) That the antitoxin, if given in sufficient quantity and within the first
Page 313 - and there was conjugate deviation of the head and eyes to the right. The pupils were
Page 490 - April, 1904. Five years previously he had noticed a swelling above the right testis, which had gradually increased in size. For some time after its appearance it " would go back," but had become irreducible for the last two years. A fortnight before admission the patient had lifted some heavy furniture, which act had caused
Page 674 - open to Students who have completed their examinations in Anatomy, and Physiology, for a Medical Degree in any of the Universities of the United Kingdom

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