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A HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRY: From the Era of the Asylum to the Age of Prozac

Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

An opinionated, anecdote-rich history of a branch of medicine strongly shaped by culture. Canadian physician and medical historian Shorter (Univ. of Toronto) begins his lively account by describing the horrific treatment of the mentally ill before the advent of the custodial asylum. It was, he says, the discovery that asylums could have a therapeutic role that led to the birth of psychiatry at the ... Read full review

A history of psychiatry: from the era of the asylum to the age of Prozac

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The view of psychiatry held by both insiders and the general public has changed considerably in the past few decades, in ways that Shorter (From the Mind into the Body, LJ 11/1/93) both acknowledges ... Read full review

Review: A History of Psychiatry: From the Era of the Asylum to the Age of Prozac

User Review  - Rashad Raoufi - Goodreads

it ranges from the very boring fact attacks about dead germans to fasinating accounts of how psychiatry has evolved from bath treatments and enemas to prozac, its well researched and detailed which ... Read full review

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