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A word and a thought on our present course and transition.
We seem to be in a self perpetuating Crisis Driven Policy in our country. It has been exepted by those in power in
Washington as the new economic mechanisms of choice. It is being implemented in one form or another in on a daily basis. Most of the targets in this country are not even aware of injuries they have received by methodologies such as the ones in this $1500 book. stealth We are in a permanent state of Media indused stress.
Climate Chaos is playing its hand with help from science and NASA, NOAA and The US Air Force Weather Wing . TV Meteorologists along with The National Whether Service drive it home with there miraculous predictions 5 days out, with nonexistent fronts that appear on cue from a single point of origin. 300 year floods 4 times in the last 6 months is incredible weathermen skills.
Their are those men in office who know nothing, and there are those who know a great deal, and pretend to not know. These small men, who we have elected to office, that have made clear to us all , we have no say so anymore in this augmented reality 22nd Century active drills and risk assement processes. Its a matter that needs held in high regard as it relates to my future.
Control has been obtained over all local and national Media and some alternative media sources. Media matters when it relates to everyone's world view. At this point, most everyone is in a blind stupor and is unaware of how serious the lie has gotten
I laugh at The morning news now . It's almost predictable. The hosts are choosing to remain absolutely silent about the war on free thought and the total transformation of this nation . When the rest of my kind wake up, it will be of no consequence to the perpetrators.,
I love my country and I believe in our system of government with exception to some misguided laws in there present form. No matter the source, it is assured, that myself and those who care deeply of our nation's fait, will in good time be labeled as traitors, anti-government, or domestic terrorists.
The Truth, . . . I would never and have never, let a thought of violence enter into my minds eye. Words can hold a more lasting and powerful effect on the populous . Maybe not my words, But it is a fact, great words with conviction will withstand the test of time on a people that prove a hunger for its message.

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