Wonders of the Tropics: Or, Explorations and Adventures of Henry M. Stanley and Other World-renowned Travelers, Including Livingstone, Baker, Cameron, Speke, Emin Pasha, Du Chaillu, Andersson, Etc., Etc. ...

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National Publishing Company, 1889 - Africa - 808 pages
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Page 575 - The roar of the gorilla is the most singular and awful noise heard in these African woods. It begins with a sharp bark, like an angry dog, then...
Page 400 - I hurried to the summit. The glory of our prize burst suddenly upon me ! There, like a sea of quicksilver, lay far beneath the grand expanse of water — a boundless sea horizon on the south and south-west, glittering in the noon-day sun; and on the west, at fifty or sixty miles...
Page 30 - Well, I will tell you what you will do. Draw a thousand pounds now; and when you have gone through that, draw another thousand, and when that is spent, draw another thousand, and when you have finished that, draw another thousand, and so on; but, FIND LIVINGSTONE.
Page 575 - His eyes began to flash fiercer fire as we stood motionless on the defensive, and the crest of short hair which stands on his forehead began to twitch rapidly up and down, while his powerful fangs were shown as he again sent forth a thunderous roar. And now, truly...
Page 29 - Well, I think he is alive, and that he can be found, and I am going to send you to find him." " What!" said I, "do you really think I can find Dr. Livingstone? Do you mean me to go to Central Africa...
Page 341 - Mtesa has impressed me as being an intelligent and distinguished prince, who, if aided in time by virtuous philanthropists, will do more for Central Africa than fifty years of Gospel teaching, unaided by such authority, can do. I think I see in him the light that shall lighten the darkness of this benighted region ; a prince well worthy the most hearty sympathies that Europe can give him. In this man I see the possible fruition of Livingstone's hopes, for with his aid the civilization of Equatorial...
Page 334 - The hair of his head was cut short, excepting on the top, where it was combed up into a high ridge, running from stem to stern like a cock's comb.
Page 142 - This is the sort of grave I should prefer : to lie in the still, still forest, and no hand ever disturb my bones. The graves at home always seemed to me to be miserable, especially those in the cold damp clay, and without elbow room ; but I have nothing to do but wait till He who is over all decides where I have to lay me down and die. Poor Mary lies on Shupanga brae,
Page 308 - Knocked up quite, and remain — recover sent to buy milch goats. We are on the banks of R Molilamo.
Page 38 - I could, and the ball struck the rock on which the animal was sitting. He bit at the spot struck, as a dog does at a stick or stone thrown at him, then, leaping away, broke through the opening circle and escaped unhurt.

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