Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices: Inserts Only

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Claitor's Law Books and Publishing, 2003 - Reference - 754 pages
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Section 2A 08 Retroreflectivity and Illumination 2A3
Section 2A l7 Overhead Sign Installations 2AlI
Section 2B 05 STOP Sign Applications 2B6
Section 2B l5 Night Speed Limit Sign R23 2Bl2
Section 2B 2l Mandatory Movement Lane Control Signs R35 R35a and R37 2Bl4
Section 2B 34 DO NOT ENTER Sign R5l 2B28
Figure 2D8 Street Name and Parking Signs 2Dl8
Section 2D 45 General Service Signs D9 Series 2D2l
Section 2D 47 Traffic Signal Speed Sign IIl 2D27
Section 2E 08 Memorial Highway Signing 2E3
Figure 2El Example of Guide Sign Spreading 2E4
Section 2E I3 Size and Style of Letters and Signs 2E5
Figure 2E3 Diagrammatic Sign for a SingleLane Left Exit 2El4
Section 2E 2l Changeable Message Signs 2E20

Figure 2Bl4 Examples of ONE WAY Signing for Divided Highways with Medians
Section 2B 45 Traffic Signal Signs Rl0l through Rl02l 2B4l
Figure 2Bl6 No Parking Signs R7 Series 2B37
Section 2C I2 Hill Signs W7l W7la W7lb 2C9
Section 2C l8 Divided Highway Road Sign W6I 2Cl2
Figure 2C5 Advisory Speed and Speed Reduction Signs 2Cl6
Section 2C 35 NO PASSING ZONE Sign Wl43 2CI8
Section 2C 45 Distance Plaques Wl62 Series Wl63 Series Wl64 W73a 2C23
Section 2D 09 Numbered Highway Systems 2D4
Section 2D l5 Cardinal Direction Auxiliary Signs M3l through M34 2D6
Figure 2D4 Route Sign Auxiliaries 2D7
Section 2D 34 Destination Signs Dl Series 2Dl5
Figure 2El0 EXIT ONLY Panels for Right Lane Dropped at an Interchange 2E2l
Section 2E 33 Exit Direction Signs 2E33
Figure 2E27 Examples of FreewaytoFreeway Interchange Guide Signs 2E39
Section 2E 43 Cloverleaf Interchange with Col lectorDistributor Roadways 2E45
Figure 2E33 Examples of Minor Interchange Guide Signs 2E48
Figure 2E37 Examples of Multilane Crossroad Signing for Partial Cloverleaf Interchange 2E52
Section 2E 53 Tourist Information and Welcome Center Signs 2E60
Figure 2E44 Examples of Rest Area and Scenic Overlook and Welcome Center Signs 2E59
Section 2F 05 Size of Lettering 2F3
Section 2H 09 Destination Guide Signs 2Hl2

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